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Welcome to the Family Tree of bucky2

Welcome to our Family Tree! This is an ongoing project which will probably never be finished. I hope you enjoy browsing through our Family Tree and hope that you may find some Family links of interest. If you can add to the information or provide any error corrections, please contact me. Bucky Dedicated to my parents Fredrick E. Fontaine June 05, 1905 - March 23, 1988 Aldina M. Mercier January 30, 1909 - February 28, 1976 Married May 30, 1929.

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     St-Jean(l'Île-d'Orléans) | La Rochelle, Aunis, Aunis | Rivière-Ouelle | Quebec | Normandie | Charlesbourg | Château-Richer | Paris | La Rochelle, Aunis, Aunis, Normandie | L'Ange-Gardien | Rouen | St-Pierre(l'Ile-d'Orléans) | St-Laurent(l'Ile-d'Orléans) | Beauport | France


    Number of Individuals : 126,678 Last update on 07/28/2011

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