Victor LYNEN
  • Born in 1834 - Antwerpen
  • Baptized in 1834
  • Deceased in 1894 , age at death: 60 years old
  • Wealthy businessman and patron of the arts





Individual Note

Victor Lynen married his cousin Marie Mathilde Könemann in Moscow, and soon afterwards the newly-wed couple moved to Antwerp, Lynen's home town. As a wealthy businessman and patron of the arts Victor Lynen was appointed president of the executive committee responsible for organizing the Antwerp World Fair in 1885, and it was in this capacity that he welcomed Franz Liszt to stay at his and Marie's house from 4 to 10 June that summer. However, the great Hungarian pianist and composer had already stayed with the Lynens previously, in 1881 and 1882, and he also corresponded with them.

See more at his wives' page.

PHOTO - From left to right in the front row: the Flemish composer Peter Benoit, Marie Lynen 1837-1929, Franz Liszt, Mme de Harveng, and Victor Lynen, pictured in 1885.

Family Note

Запись об обручении от 30 сентября 1857 г. Оглашение 29 сентября и 6 октября 1857 г. Отметки о бракосочетании нет.


 Family Tree Preview

            Johannes PELTZER 1745-1830   Gertrude Adelheid SCHLEICHER 1748-1802

    Friedrich Wilhelm KOENEMANN 1770..1770-1846/   Adelheid Gertrud PELTZER 1772-1846

Wilhelm Laurenz LYNEN 1793-1868   Helene Louise Adelaide KOENEMANN 1806-1891

Victor LYNEN 1834-1894

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