Bedankt voor uw bezoek aan de stamboom van de familie Meulmeester en de daaraan gerelateerde families.

Ik stel het bijzonder op prijs om eventuele aanvullingen c.q. opmerkingen van U te ontvangen



  • B
    • Back, married to Johanna Dobbelaar
    • Blok 1750, son of Pieter and Johanna Walefeld
    • Boone 1811-1901, son of Frederik and Maatje Bakker, married to Willemina Jacob Jacobse
    • Bosschaart 1751-1812, son of Pieter and Maria van Hoeven, married to Pieternella Sturm
    • Bosschaart 1788-, son of Levinus and Pieternella Sturm
    • Bosschaart 1793-1847, son of Abraham and Catharina Maas
    • Bosschaart 1863-1940, son of Bastiaan and Catharina Schout, married to Janna Melse
    • Bosschaart, married to Elisabeth Bertijn
    • Bosschaart, married to Johanna van de Voorde
    • Bostelaar 1789, son of Pieter and Johanna de Kraker
    • Bostelaar 1890-1892, son of Hendrik and Apolonia Jakobse
    • Bostelaar 1893-1922, son of Hendrik and Apolonia Jakobse
    • Brasser 1875-, son of Jan and Pieternella van Vaardegem, married to Adriana Sanderse
    • Brasser, married to Josephina van der Eijk
    • Breda (van) 1907-1971, son of Pieter and Johanna Faase
    • Broekert (de), married to Cornelia Boei
  • C
    • Coppoolse 1901, son of Jan and Tannetje Dekker
  • D
  • F
    • Faasse 1881-1905, son of Izaak Faase and Zoetje Huibregtse
    • Feijter (de) 1754-1839, married to Eva de Koeijer
    • Feijter (de), married to Suzanna van de Wege
  • G
    • Gabrielse 1878-1945, son of Aarnoud and Neeltje Hengst, married to Willemina Roelse
    • Geldof 1814-1816, son of Pieter Abrahamse and Paulina Meulmeester
    • Geldof 1824-, son of Pieter Abrahamse and Paulina Meulmeester
    • Geldof 1872-, son of Neeltje Harpe, married to Cornelia Huijsman
  • H
    • Hal (van) 1803-1852, married to Johanna Ligtvoet
    • Hellemond (van) 1792-1873, son of Marcus and Helena Wesepoel, married to Janna Rijkse
    • Hellemond (van) 1847-, son of Levinus and Neeltje de Wolf, married to Pieternella Maria Poppe
    • Hendrikse 1832-1921, son of Hendrik Lievense and Kornelia Janse Lous, married to Pietronella Westerbeke
    • Hendrikse 1901, son of Pieter and Jakomina Huibregtse
    • Hendrikse 1910-1942, son of Hendrik and Krina Louwerse
    • Hendrikse, married to Zoetje Janisse
    • Hengst 1823-1892, son of Jan Simonse and Jakoba Westerbeke, married to Deborah Roelse
    • Hengst 1889-1893, son of Jan and Adriana Westerbeke
    • Hengst 1891-1895, son of Jan and Martina Verstraate
    • Hengst 1894-, son of Jan and Adriana Westerbeke, married to Maatje Tanker
    • Hengst 1896-1942, son of Jan and Martina Verstraate, married to Francina Lievense
    • Hengst 1900-1900, son of Noach and Johanna Heijt
    • Hengst 1904-1968, son of Simon and Pieternella Lievense
    • Hollander (de) 1811-, son of Jacob and Klara Huibregtsen, married to Johanna de Pagter
    • Hoveijn, married to Maria Revers
    • Huibrechtse 1815-1889, son of Willem Huibregt Huibregtse and Adriana Lieven Hendrikse, married to Dina Verstraate
    • Huibregtse 1810-1893, son of Kornelis Aarnoutse and Johanna Levinus Huibregtse, married to Apolonia Brasser
    • Huibregtse 1850-1851, son of Maarten and Lourina Westerbeke
    • Huibregtse 1852-1855, son of Adriaan Huijbregtse and Maria Hendrikse
    • Huibregtse 1855-, son of Maarten and Lourina Westerbeke, married to Gerritje Timmers
    • Huibregtse 1873-, son of Kornelis and Jakoba Hengst, married to Leintje Gabrielse
    • Huibregtse 1882-, son of Willem and Pieternella Slabber
    • Huibregtse 1903, son of Jan and Johanna Houmes, married to Abigael Lievense
    • Huijbregtse 1832-1832, son of Adriaan and Pieternella Westerbeke
    • Huijbregtse 1906-1944, son of Willem Huibregtse and Neeltje Lievense
    • Huijbregtsen 1805-1837, son of Janis Livinus Huijbregtse and Pieternella Janse de Pagter, married to Maatje Westerbeke
  • J
    • Jacobse 1843-1925, son of Pieter Jacob and Willemina Pieterse Huibregtsen, married to Johanna Leinse
    • Jakobsen 1893-1904, son of Jan and Catharina Dingemanse
    • Janse 1872-1894, son of Lein and Pieternella de Kam
    • Joosse, married to Jannetje Catharina Baas
  • K
    • Kam (de) 1858-1907, son of Daniel and Maria Simmen, married to Sara Johanna Prins
    • Kam (de) 1860-1922, son of Abraham and Suzanna Uijterschout, married to Adriana Lampers
    • Kam (de) 1889-1890, son of Pieter and Elizabeth Polderman
    • Kam (de) 1898-1910, son of Pieter and Elizabeth Polderman
    • Ketelaar 1776-1840, married to Neeltje Marinisse Tazelaar
    • Ketelaar 1843-1844, son of Marinus and Jannetje van der Weele
    • Ketelaar 1848-1928, son of Marinus and Jannetje van der Weele, married to Hendrika Maria Koole
    • Ketelaar 1870-, son of Levinus and Hendrika Maria Koole, married to Cornelia Bouterse
    • Koole 1840-1922, son of Pieter and Tona Lena Schoolmeester
    • Koole 1883-1884, son of Thomas and Jacoba Tollenaar
    • Koole 1886-1896, son of Thomas and Jacoba Tollenaar
    • Kraker (de) 1857-1857, son of Isaac and Francina Huijsse
    • Kraker (de) 1865-, son of Marinus Levinuszoon and Janna Moens, married to Josina Klap
    • Kraker (de) 1890-, son of Cornelis and Sara Jobse, married to Elisabeth Vinke
    • Kusee 1869-, married to Apolonia de Pagter
  • L
    • Lievense 1848-1920, son of Pieter and Maria Wouters, married to Pieternella Joosse
    • Lievense 1857-1858, son of Jan and Janna Hendrikse
    • Lievense 1863-, son of Daniel and Cornelia Lucretia van der Wiere, married to Neeltje Gabrielse
    • Lievense 1874-1875, son of Jan and Adriana Huibregtse
    • Lievense 1878-1908, son of Jan and Adriana Huibregtse
    • Lievense 1905, son of Pieter and Willemina de Witte, married to Martina Minderhoud
    • Lous 1843-1917, son of Johannis and Johanna van Peene, married to Neeltje de Witte
    • Louwerse 1901-1944, son of Jacobus and Johanna Lievense
  • M
    • Maartense, married to Elizabeth van Vlaanderen
    • Marinissen 1817-, son of Willem and Catharina Abrahamse, married to Neeltje Boone
    • Marinissen 1838-1911, son of Jan and Pieternella Janse Wouterse, married to Maatje Melse
    • Marinissen 1891, son of Janis and Jacoba Christiaanse, married to Neeltje de Nooijer
    • Matthijsse 1884-1918, son of Johannes and Janna Dingemanse, married to Christina Stroo
    • Matthijsse 1914-1997, son of Levinus and Christina Stroo, married to .....
    • Meeusen 1822-1822, son of Daniel and Anna de Kraker
    • Meulmeester 1841-1912, son of Paulus and Janna Pieterse Schrier, married to Johanna Vos
  • P
    • Paauwe, son of Geerard and Cornelia Ruster, married to Forra Zuidweg
    • Pagter (de) 1896-1897, son of Jan and Janna Hengst
    • Peene (van) 1859-1942, son of Pieter and Maria Verhage, married to Maria Johanna de Pagter
    • Peene (van) †/1801, married to Cornelia Jacobse Verhage
    • Potter, married to Elisabeth Bosman
  • R
    • Roelse 1906-1909, son of Jakob and Paulina Lous
    • Romijn, married to Johanna Maria van de Ven
  • S
    • Scheerens, married to Elizabeth van Overbeke
    • Schout 1842-1897, son of Christiaan and Pieternella Bosschaart, married to Tannetje Verhage
    • Simonse 1866-1931, son of Apolonia Simonse, married to Willemina Gabrielse
    • Sturm, married to Pieternella Dingemanse
  • T
    • Tevel 1887-1980, son of Jan and Jacoba van Sorge, married to Anna Jacoba Francke
    • Tollenaar 1868-, son of Pieter and Anna Elisabeth de Held, married to Wilhelmina Hendrica Wilhelmus
    • Tollenaar 1897-1897, son of Levinus and Wilhelmina Hendrica Wilhelmus
    • Tollenaar 1902, son of Levinus and Wilhelmina Hendrica Wilhelmus
  • V
    • Verhage 1808, son of Jacob and Suzanna Hendrikse Lievense
    • Verstraate 1893-, son of Willeboord and Suzanna Brasser, married to Pieternella Gelina Louwerse
    • Vettenburg 1789-1841, son of Pieter Johannes and Barbara Sandelieren, married to Apolonia van den Branden
    • Vettenburg 1834-1834, son of Levinus and Apolonia van den Branden
    • Vos (de) 1826, son of Levinus Johannes and Theuna Schippers
    • Vos (de) 1836-1889, son of Levinus Johannes and Theuna Schippers, married to Pieternella Gouloze
    • Vrille 1817-, son of Janus Pieterse and Cornelia Meulmeester
  • W
    • Waal (de) 1855, married to Jacoba Johanna Brouwer
    • Westerbeke 1830-1921, son of Pieter Levinusse and Adriana Jan Westerbeke, married to Suzanna Huibregtse
    • Westerbeke 1852-, son of Joost and Dina van Peene, married to Johanna Gabrielse
    • Westerbeke 1874-1874, son of Levinus and Suzanna den Hollander
    • Westerbeke 1884-, son of Janis and Adriana Kaland
    • Wezepoel /1730-, married to Leuntje Simons
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