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Ancestors of the Doose & Bollinger Families in Canada / Ahnen Forschung der Familien Doose & Bollinger in Kanada


  • Allen ca 1631-1711, son of Walter and Rebecca Wyman, married to Sarah x
  • sosa Allen 1772-1836, son of Simeon and Candace Howe, married to Lavina Wyman
  • Allen 1794-, son of John and Lavina Wyman, married to Lucinda ??
  • Barnes, married to Debrorah Wright
  • Cook 1805-1878, married to Georgiana Ruel
  • Franko, married to Mary Gushulak
  • Hainsworth, son of Edwin and Dorothy Hainsworth
  • Holt , married to Sarah Wright
  • Hyland 1834-1919, daughter of William and Margareth McCullough
  • Kendall 1421-1501, married to Margaret ??
  • Kendall 1533-, son of James and Elizabeth Miles
  • Kendall 1548-1620, son of William and Sarah Brayne, married to Mary Miles
  • Kendall 1580-, son of John and Mary Miles, married to Margaret Elizabeth Sacheral
  • McCann 1865-
  • McKAY ca 1781-, married to Christina MACLEOD
  • McPhail 1844-1890, son of Angus and Catherine McLEOD, married to Mary Sarah McKAY
  • Nesbitt 1803-1895, married to Abigail Wyman Allen
  • sosa Pratt, married to Ruth Pratt
  • Richardson 1596-, son of Thomas and Katharine Durford
  • sosa Sherman 1613-1685, married to Mary Sherman
  • Snow ca 1793-, married to Barbara Allen
  • Snow, son of John Allen and Flora Pedneault
  • Tidd †1696, married to Margaret Greenfield
  • Wright ca 1563-, son of Richard and Dorothy Russell, married to Jane Blechenden
  • Wright 1601-1688, son of John and Jane Blechenden, married to Priscilla Byfield
  • Wright 1631-1714, son of John and Priscilla Byfield, married to Abigail Warren
  • Wright 1672-, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Hassell, married to Lydia Kendall
  • Wyman, son of Francis Wymant and Elizabeth Richardson, married to Sarah Nutt
  • Wyman, son of Jonathan and Martha Thompson
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