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Ancestors of the Doose & Bollinger Families in Canada / Ahnen Forschung der Familien Doose & Bollinger in Kanada

  • Born 14 May 1892 - Springfield, Arkansas
  • Deceased 2 February 1933 - St. Helena, CA , age at death: 40 years old
  • Buried - St. Helena, CA cemetary





Individual Note

Comments from the book about the early settlers of the Ottawa valley:
She is burried in a paupers grave at the back of the cemetary as they had no money at the time for a cemetary plot with a stone.
She had a difficult marriage. She had many children and several of them died at birth. She died having her last child. She wrote poetry that was published in several magazines at the time. Most of the poetry is very sad.
Her grand-daughter Jan Harvey from Yucaipa CA sent these comments instead:
It's true that she lost some babies, but seven of her children grew to adulthood, including my mother. They were not wealthy, but my grandfather was a carpenter and general jack of all trades builder and made a decent living. Their marriage wasn't always a bed of roses, but they had a solid relationship and were pillars of their community. Great grandmother was a violinist as well as a poet (sometimes published) and played for community dances and occasions. I've read much of her poetry and don't feel it was generally sad. Some of it was nostalgic for her childhood home in the Ozarks and the sad part is that she never got an opportunity to revisit. Her life was lived in Idaho and California. I have visited her grave - which is marked with a stone - where I left her a yellow rose, her favorite.

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Ruggles Allen 1811-1891   Mary Routliffe 1822-1899    
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Christopher Columbus Allen 1859-   Margaret Mathilda Adeline Hazelwood 1868-
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Sara Anis Ethel Allen 1892-1933

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