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This Geneanet member is deceased but their Geneanet Family Tree is still available by request of their family.

O.E.K. , G.L.N.3

  • Born 17 March 1830 - Amsterdam, NH, NL
  • Deceased 15 January 1888 - Amsterdam, NH, NL , age at death: 57 years old
  • Raadslid 1868-1880 en wethouder 1868-1872 Amsterdam, Lid P.S. 1868-1888 en G.S. 1881-1888 Noord-Holland


 Spouses and children



On 's side David Jacob van Lennep, Prof. 1774-1853

 Family Note

Winnen 10 kinderen


  • Family: NP1958,NA1998

  Photos and archival records

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 Family Tree Preview

Cornelis van Lennep, mr 1751-1813   a picture
Cornelia Henrietta van de Poll 1753-1827
  Jan van de Poll, mr 1759-1822   Anna Catharina Valckenier 1766-1842
| | | |

| |
David Jacob van Lennep, Prof. 1774-1853   Anna Catharina van de Poll, jkvr 1791-1860
| |

Herman Jozua van Lennep, O.E.K. 1830-1888

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