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Eisenbeiß Family History orhere  (mirrored from Geocities 1910) 

 The next reunion is scheduled for Jun 2016 in Aberdeen, South Dakota.Details about the reunion are in process of being finalized.
FORUM  NOTES  for Friend acces = Contact Some links other family lines  Russian Special Page (EYZENBEYS (Russia), ЭЙЗЕНБЕЙС)
The spelling adopted is EISENBEIS to avoid duplication. Only a few names are reported correctly.  I beg your pardon. Example: search forJohn Isenbise, write John Isenbise & John Eisenbeis. A quick way is to check the name of the wife. Others patronymics: Eisenbeiß, Eisenbeiss, Eisenbeisz, Eisenenbeis, Eisenbise, Icenbice, Eissenbeys, Eysenbeis, Eyssenbeyss, Eisenpeiss, Isanbess, Yßenbyß, Eisenbeisser, Eisenbeiser, Eisenbies, Eisenpies, EYSENBEYS (French), EYZENBEYS (Russia), ЭЙЗЕНБЕЙС Genealogy Books Click here for a book ordering form before 15 may 2013   A short history of Simon EISENBEIS, great Grandfather of Seyfried (French and English language) 

Eisenbeiß (eyes-en-byes): A person, or persons, who gather every three years to eat kuchen, talk, dance, talk, reminisce, talk, eat, talk about eating and eat while they talk. Clyde Eisenbeis  

 LEIBUNDGUTH, Leibundguth

o "Johann" David &1777 Catharina NONNENMACHER
o "Johann" Jakob &1784 Elisabetha SCHEURER
o Andreas 1654-1699 & Barbara ? †1721
o Andreas 1683-1746 &1701 Anna Elisabeth Jenser 1683-1746
o Johann Niclaus 1727- &1761 Christine Steuder
o Johann Niclaus 1766-1836 &1800 Marguerite FRIEDRICH 1768-1835
o Nicolas 1804-
o Christian 1807-1873 &1834 Barbara RAETZ 1806-1882
o Christian 1835-1877 &1860 Ellen Heintz
o Charles 1861-
o William P 1864-
o Annie 1866-
o Louis 1837-
o Peter 1842-1919 &1866 Caroline Atzel 1842-1911
o William 1867-1924 & ? ?
o William
o Ruth
o Guy
o Henry 1868-1927 & X Maggie
o George
o Henry
o Edna 1895
o Margurite 1898
o Helene 1869- & Jacob Kline 1860-
o Lewis 1870-1935
o Florence 1871-
o Elenora 1873-1916 & Fred Bushman
o Louise 1874-1964 & Louis Klein
o George 1876-1951 & Emily Johnson
o John 1878-1936 &1899 Emma Veith 1881-1932
o Harold 1899
o Mae 1900 & Connie Witt
o Earl 1902-1980 & X Jeanette
o Everett 1904-1980
o Vera 1908
o Howard & Dorothea Solomon
o Dorothy 1913 & James Maclin
o x
o Lois Eva 1925 & Raulin Wright
o Carrie 1879-1935 & Ben Weatherbee
o Lavinia 1881-1956 & Frank Cressman
o Cora 1885-1970 & Fred Shafer
o Amanda 1889-1958
o Katherine 1844-1911 &1866 George Atzel 1844-1907
o Michael, (Richard) 1846-
o Ellen 1848-1882 & John Atzel 1848-1916
o Andreas &1748 Christina DINTINGER
o Jacob &1769 "Susanna Margaretha" STOCKY
o Lorentz &1761 Catharina WEBER
o Nicklaus &1786 Catharina RIEGLER
o Nicklaus &1761 Christina STEUDER
o Peter 1843-1898 &1873 Eleanora Zimmerman †1920
o Ida 1874- & Theodore Schmitt
o Baby Henry 1880-1880
o Baby Lena 1880-1880
o Emma Carrie 1881- & Emil Kruger
o Baby Emma L 1882-1882
o Baby Eleanor L 1883-1883
o Eleanor 1883-
o x
o Henry Howard 1884-1962 & Sophia Julia Anna Schenk
o Henrietta 1887- & Peter Osting
o Ellen 1896-1912
o Peter &1776 Christina GRUNIG
o Peter &1730 Christina WALTHER
o Thamion †/1674 & Anna ?
o Hans &1674 Anna SUTTER
o Ulrich & Barbara Elisabetha ?
o Joseph 1690- & ? ?
o Johann Peter 1692-
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