• A
    • ADAM, married to Hélène ARMAO
    • AGNESI LAPIERRE 1783-1785, son of Jean "Baptiste" (Batico) and Pauline Agnes BRINDISI
    • ALBERTI /1810-/1866, son of Paolo and Teresa FILIPPI, married to Marie (Marigo) MANUK ISSAVERDENS
    • APOSTOLIDHOU, married to Marie ?
    • ASLAN ca 1805-, married to Hélène SAÏH
    • ASLAN ca 1830-, son of Jean , married to Anica SPIRO
    • ASLAN, married to Suzanne -
    • ASTERIOU, married to Vassiliki Areti KEUN
    • AUBERT du PETIT-THOUARS 1913-1952, married to Anne Marie OSTROROG
    • AUZIERE 1859-, son of Jérôme and Fortunée Ursule AUDOLY
  • B
    • BALLADUR 1897-, son of Pierre and Théodora GHEORGHIU
    • BALLADUR, son of Michel and Marie MOCHOS OU AGHASI, married to Anna MAVROMARIANNA
    • BALLI 1865/-, son of Léon and Florestine JOLLY, married to N DUBRAY
    • BALTAZZI, son of Evangelino and Vierou (Virginia) MAVROGORDATO
    • BARELIER ca 1841-1881, son of Jean and Marie de Nicéphore HADJIJORGI
    • BARELIER ca 1859-, married to Angélique EXOMERITI
    • BARELIER, son of Demetrius and Sophie ?
    • BARELIER, son of Nicolas and Vassilisa CARAJORGHI, married to Conetu PARIANI
    • BASTOUNIS, married to Marie TRICON
    • BERECHETTI, married to Hortense MIRZAN
    • BISKUITER ou BISCHUITER ca 1832-1839, son of Jacques "Louis" and Flore Elisa Joséphine ROMEO
    • BISKUITER ou BISCHUITER ca 1841-1843, son of Jacques "Louis" and Flore Elisa Joséphine ROMEO
    • BLANCHET ca 1784-1785, son of Ignace and Sofia -
    • BLANCHET 1865-1866, son of Etienne (Stefano) and Eletta (Electra) PASQUA
    • BLANCHET ca 1873-1914, married to Theodolinda CASSINELLI
    • BLANCHET 1786-, son of Ignace and Sofia -
    • BLANCHET †/1785, son of Laurent and Maria (Marietù) PEPANO, married to Despina CHIAMURO
    • BLANCHON, married to Yvonne MELHAMÉ
    • BODDINGTON 1639-1640, daughter of George and Hannah ADAMS
    • BODDINGTON 1807-, son of Benjamin and Anastasia Rosalina ALEXANDER, married to Elisabeth Maria ?
    • BODDINGTON 1763-1829, son of George IV and X GLICOFREDI, married to Marietta ARMAO
    • BOER, married to Paulina Silvia Emilia RADEGLIA
    • BOULLOCHE (de) 1913-1988, son of Raymond and Leila MELHAMÉ, married to Carola TERSMEDEN
    • BOYCE, married to Ann Caroline KEUN
  • C
    • CALAMBOIDES, son of Alecco and Rosine de LAVISON
    • CARBONELLI ca 1872-1919, son of Giovanni and Maria CIANDEDJAN, married to Anna RENAUD
    • CARLIOZ 1804-1881, son of Pierre and Jacqueline BOUILLET, married to Marie DUCRET
    • CARO 1813-, son of Giuseppe (Joseph) and Lucia CORPI
    • CASTOR ?1820-1895, married to Maria FIOROVICH
    • CASTOR, married to Elisabeth XIDHIA
    • CHAMPOISEAU, son of Gaston Barthélémy Noël
    • CHAMY, son of Emile
    • CHAMY, father of Eugenie
    • CIGALA
    • COLLARO 1898-, son of Pietro Nicephore and Antonia ALTUVA, married to Julia SERPOS
    • COLOMIÈS, married to Grace ARACHTINGI
    • COLONIS, married to Georgina BARELIER
    • COMIZZO, married to Caroline Regina Giovanna VELASTI
    • CONSTANTIN, son of Maxime and Juliana Teresa de TRENEROWSKA, married to Elisabeth (Elise) Caroline Julia Rose PIRJANTZ
    • CORINTHIO 1907-1907, son of Antoine and Irène SOPHIADIS
    • CORPI ca 1801-
    • CORSI ca 1805-, son of Jean (Giovanni) and Elisabeth FLORIANI
    • CORSINI EPIK 1890-1954, son of Georges M CORSINI and Silvia VIDORI, married to Adelaïde LORENZ
    • COURANT †/1724, married to Marianne PAGY
    • COURT
  • D
    • DABOUR
    • DAHER ca 1818-1820, son of Fergiullah
    • DAMOLINI, son of Etienne Ou Stephane and Eleonore KIEGER, father of Stéphane
    • DERMOND, son of Polycarpe and Antonia (Ou Anna) VIDORI, married to Dana BARBUNI
    • DIAMANTIS, married to Anastasie BARELIER
    • DOBROWOLSKI 1903-1976, married to Olga VIANELLO
  • E
  • F
    • FALZON 1876-, son of François and Pauline ZAMMIT
    • FEREY, married to Eugénie BOEU
    • FEYDEAU 1862-1921, father of Germaine
    • FLEURY 1847-/1896, son of Adolphe and Elise Rosalie FALUE, married to Laure Elisabeth LEGOUX
    • FONTRIER 1893-, son of Aristide and Martika (Marie) ?
    • FOSCOLO ca 1789-1868, father of Francesca
  • G
    • GALIBERT ca 1807-1867, son of Etienne Gümüsh Kouchak and Sultana (Regina) GALIBERT (ÉPOUSE), married to Florida Maria OTTONI
    • GARGIULO, son of Alberto and Irene CHRISSIDY
    • GAUCEL 1882-, son of Jean Baptiste "Théophile" Louis and Carmela Anna Maria VILLA
    • GHERICICH, married to Anna TITO
    • GLAVANI 1775-, son of Jean Baptiste GLAVANY and Luisa -
    • GLAVANY /1910-, son of Eugène Marie Joseph and Marie Anne Azaria MÉRY
    • GRANIER 1849-, son of Balthazar Jean and Brigitte (Dudu) BALLADUR, married to Domenica (Doudou) GENERALE
    • GUENOFF, married to Maria COLLARO
  • H
    • HARFOUCH, married to Madeleine MELHAMÉ
    • HILBERT 1873-1954, son of Joseph and Josephina GHERICICH
    • HOLAS, married to Justine EZEK
    • HORVATH 1827-, son of Jozsef and Christine Elisabeth KÖSZEGHY, married to Marianna CASTRAVELLI
  • I
    • ISSAVERDENS 1792-1798, son of Bonaventure and Francesca Maria VUCCINO
    • ISSAVERDENS 1798-1868, son of Bonaventure and Francesca Maria VUCCINO, married to Julie Marguerite BELHOMME
    • ISSAVERDENS, son of Ananie
  • J
  • K
    • KARADJA, married to Julie BALTAZZI
    • KASGAYAN, father of Virginie
    • KESSEK, married to Teresa ?
    • KIDIRSHAH ca 1696-1741, married to Hélène Catherine TESSALI
    • KIEGER, son of Henri and Emilie Prudence FYFE
    • KÖSZEGHY 1741-1771, son of Jean and Catherine ?, married to Angela Maria VITALI
    • KOUMANTARKIS 1904-1995, married to Marthe TAVOULARIS
    • KUHN, son of Michel , married to Henriette Agathe DESPONT
  • L
    • LAGRANGE (de), married to Margherita NAZARETH
    • LATREILLE 1822-, son of Pierre and Maria ALAZZI ou ALACCI
    • LAURENT 1908-1978, son of Pierre François "Joseph" and Marie BONPAIX, married to Marie-Renée DUTREIX
    • LEGIER ca 1739-1825, son of François and Maria VAVLIDA, married to Francesca VUCCINO
    • LENNEP (van) 1682-1736, son of Jan and Maria SIJEN, married to Hester van HALMAEL
    • LESCURE, married to Mireille COYUNIAN
    • LORANDO 1798-1843, son of Liber and Maria DELLA ROCCA, married to Teresa CALAVASSI
  • M
    • MAHAR 1894-, son of Polycarpe and Maria Luisa ZIPCY, married to Maria MARTINI
    • MAHÉ, father of Suzanne Claire Marguerite
    • MALLET ca 1802-1829
    • MALLET /1860-, son of Pierre François Louis and Zoe JOANNIDES, married to Angela CASTELLI
    • MALLET ca 1879-1881
    • MANVELLI ca 1838-1907, son of Emmanuel and Antonia Maria Anna MIRZAN, married to Rosina (Rosa) Elodie TOKPAS
    • MANVELLI, son of Georges and Rosina (Rosa) Elodie TOKPAS, married to Renée CORSINI
    • MARANDET, son of Jules and Angèle PERNET, father of Alain
    • MILLE, married to Rose BALTAZZI
    • MOLINIE, married to Hélène PASSEGA
    • MOORE, married to Marie Yvonne Marika TOPUZ
    • MORCEL, married to Noëlie (Natalia) Clémentine Marie Laetitia CANZUCH
    • MUSSABINI 1798-, son of Mussa
  • O
    • ORTEGA 1863-, son of Joseph and Penelope VERSOTTO
    • OUTREY ca 1775-1848, son of Christophe and Hélène THOMAS, married to Angélique JAUBERT
  • P
    • PACARD, married to Thérèse NAUM DUHANY
    • PAGET, son of Célestin and Marie VALET, married to Victorine DROUET
    • PAGY /1588-, married to Jeanne BERTOMIEU
    • PAGY 1882-, son of Arnold Jean Baptiste and Anne Madeleine "Annette" GRIMALDI, married to Rosa COULOMB
    • PANAYOTIDES, married to Antonia (Antoinette) FERRY
    • PAPAMICHALIS, son of Nicola and Teofania PARASKEVI
    • PAPAZIAN, father of John (Jean)
    • PENZO †/1854, married to Adriana XANTACHI
    • PERKINS ca 1796-1849, married to Séraphine Hélène TRICON
    • PETROCOCHINO, married to Despina PAREMBLI
    • PICOT, married to Geneviève Elisabeth Emilie Berthe OMER-DECUGIS
    • PINGET, son of Henri and x BRUNET
    • PLATANIOTIS, son of Leonidas and Helene VERNAZZA
    • PRADEL, married to Anna DAPERI
  • R
    • RENAUD 1890-, son of Mathieu Eustache and Virginie KASGAYAN
    • RIGHO ou RIGO 1890-1897, son of Marco and Anna POGGI
    • RIVANS 1875-1917, son of Jean (Giovanni) and Felicita CAPILLO
    • ROBOLY 1803-1884, son of Honoré Philippe and Elisabeth Monique ROSSOLINO, married to Vassilissa Regina MACRI
    • ROBOLY 1881-1954, son of Etienne Barthélémy and Joséphine Maria Concepta MAZZULLO, married to Olympia ALIANAKIAN
    • ROBOLY, son of Jean "François" and Battistina D'ANDRIA, father of Pierre
    • ROSSI /1790-, son of Jacques and Anne ASTLICK
    • ROSSI ca 1843-/1933, son of Joseph (Giuseppe) and Elisabetta BATTI, married to Ophélie BALLADUR
    • ROSSI †/1797, father of Jacques
    • ROSSOLINO /1760-, married to Elisabeth Thérèse XANTACHI
    • ROSVINOVA /1870-, married to Maria JOHANNIDES
    • ROUSTAN OU ROSTAND 1818-1891, son of René ROSTAND and Maruca BADETTI, married to Despina D'ANDRIA
  • S
    • SAÏH ca 1833-1901, son of Nahum Hodja and Christine "Cécile" KÖSZEGHY, married to Eleonora Rosa COSMA
    • SAINT PAUL, married to Georgette FALANGA
    • SCHIAVO, married to Edmée Clorinde Catherine GUERILLOT
    • SCHLOSSER, son of Franz and Anna DUCAS
    • SCHNEIDER 1851-, son of Julius Augustus and Barbara ZORNGIEBEL
    • SEBAH
    • SERPOS ca 1874-1914, son of Edouard and Catherine Jeanne ?, married to Elvire Sara SILBERSTEIN
    • STOCKAU (von), married to Evelyne BALTAZZI
  • T
    • TOKPAS 1872-, son of Pierre and Modeste "Baptistine" PORTELLI
    • TOKPAS †/1866, married to Rosa BILMAN
    • TOPUZ ca 1847-, son of Isaac and Maria (Marionca) KURDJIAN
    • TOUSCHE 1895-1974, married to Yvonne ALLÉON
    • TUMAGIAN SANDALGI, father of Jean Baptiste
    • TYTE-VIDAL 1796-, married to Marie GIUSTINI
  • V
    • VARDA, married to Marie "Gertrude" APERIO
    • VARIPATI 1885-1885, son of Epaminondas and Marie Minia "Mimica" REGGIO
    • VARTALITI ou VARTHALITI, married to Maria VACONDIO
    • VASSEL 1870-1945, son of Paul and Angelina AFKER, married to Maria RADICH
    • VASSILOPOULOS, father of Paul Özbör
    • VEKIL 1834-, son of Hodja and Maria VEKIL (ÉPOUSE)
    • VERNAZZA, son of André and Fanny (Théophanie) Marie VERNAZZA
    • VIDORI 1896-, son of Antoine and Policarpa FILIPPUCCI
    • VITALE, son of Antoine and Adrienne LAMBIRIS, married to Clotilde MISSIR
    • VITALIS, son of Victor Marie (Pacha) and Marie Rosalie Florence CARO, married to Charlotte FERRY
    • VITALIS (ANDONA) 1902/-1984, son of Antonio and Lucia SARGOLOGO
  • W
    • WALDEGRAVE 1751-1789, son of John and Elisabeth LEVESON-GOWER
    • WAUTERS, married to Noella VIDORI
    • WESTERLING 1788-, son of Jérôme (Hieronymo) and Suzanne VUCCINO
    • WESTERLING ca 1800-1867
    • WHITTALL 1733-1770, son of James and Margaret DUMBELL, married to Mary SPEED
  • X
  • Y
    • YAGHIGIOGLU 1777-, son of Issacar (Zaccaria) Usta and Sultana (Sultanizza) -
  • Z
    • ZECCHINI, son of Pietro and Maria MANUSSO, married to Esther ARMAO
    • ZERVOS 1876-1940, married to Irma Catherine Marie MISSIR
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