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Olivier BOUR

M  Thomas ESPY

  • Syntynyt 12. toukokuuta 1837 - Beaver County,,Pa,,USA
  • Kuollut 31. maaliskuuta 1905 , ikä kuollessa 67 vuotta vanha


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  1. Générale#
    Thomas Espy (1837-1905).
    "admitted to the bar in 1862, but never pract
    iced, preferring to assist his father in his varied business enterpris
    es, in which he was eminently successful. He m. Miss Salllie Johnson i
    n 170. Thomas Espy laid out and named the town of Espyville, Ohio, nea
    r Kenton ; wasone of the leading men of Kenton for many years. H. d.
    suddenly March 31, 1905" ( Florence Mercy Espy, The Espy Family in Am
    erica p. 69).
    There are several mentions of Thomas Espy in The History
    of Hardin County, Ohio, Chicago, Warner, Beer and Co., 1883 [copied f
    rom the website of Heritage Pursuit] :
    Onthe Hardin County infirmary
    page 329 : "Upon the completion of the building, Bernard Mathews, T
    homas Espy and Archibald Davis were appointed as Directors of the inst
    itution, and served until the October election of 1871, when John Elde
    r, Jacob Sponsler and Benjamin Beamer were elected."
    page 339 : "On th
    e 6th of March, 1882, a petition was filed in the Auditor's office, as
    kingthe Commissioners of Hardin County 'for the location, constructio
    n, deepening, widening and straightening of a ditch to drain and recla
    im the lands alongthe line thereof, and adjacent thereto, and also to
    promotes the public health, convenience and welfare.' The petition wa
    s signed by Curtis Wilkin, NathanAhlefeld, Thomas Espy, William T. Ce
    ssna, Sandusky Wallace and H. C. Norman,but Ahlefeld and Wilkin were
    the originators of said petition, and mainly instrumental in pushing f
    orward the proposed improvement under the existing county ditch law."
    On the vote of Hardin County :
    page 357 : "1873-Vote for Governor: Edw
    ard F. Noyes (Republican), 1,936; William Allen (Democrat), 1,850; Gid
    eon T. Stewart (Prohibitionist), 191; Isaac C. Collins (National Green
    backLabor), 28; total, 4,005. Delegate to the Constitutional Conventi
    on, WilliamH. Philips (Republican), 1,715; Thomas Espy (Democrat), 1,
    684; total, 3,399."
    On the Hardin County railroads :
    page 473 : "There
    are two stations in this county east of Kenton. viz., Dudley and Hepb
    urn, and three west, viz., Oakland, Scioto and Preston. Gen. James S.
    Robinson, Thomas Espy and L. T. Hunt were the prime movers in securing
    the favorable location of this great thoroughfare, the building of wh
    ich has already increased the population of Kenton in a large degree,
    besides enhancing the value of real estate all along its line.These m
    en are true benefactors of the people, who owe them a deep debt of gra
    titude for their enterprise and public spirit."
    On the original Town
    pages 479-481 : "Mr. Hopkins, who was the Deputy Surveyor of Lo
    gan County, Ohio, also laid off the 'Western Addition to Kenton' for G
    eorge H. Houser, October 11, 1833, and the plat was acknowledged befor
    e William McCloud, Associate Judge, October 12, 1833. The 'Eastern Add
    ition to Kenton' [page 480] wasplatted by Hopkins for Jacob H. Houser
    on the 11th of October, 1833, and the acknowledgment made on the foll
    owing day before George H. Houser, Justice of the Peace. Since that ti
    me, additions have been made to Kenton by the following parties: (. .
    .) Espy & Williams', February 22, 1873; recorded February 25,1873 (.
    . .) [page 481] Thomas Espy's, September 13, 1877; recorded June 24, 1
    878 (. . .) Thomas Espy's, January 11, 1882; recorded September 25, 18
    On the Churches of Hardin County :
    page 511 : "First Universalis
    t Church.- This church was organized April 9, 1876, by Rev. B. F. Eat
    on,.with a membership of twenty-eight. The following officers were ele
    cted: Trustees, John Espy, E. G. Lambert and H. S. Howe: Deacons, Jose
    ph Whiteley and Hosea Johnson;Clerk, J. H. Linton; Treasurer. Thomas
    Espy. During the first year of the organization, services were bold in
    the court house, but. subsequently a room wasfitted up on the second
    floor of a building near the corner of Main and Columbus streets, whe
    re the congregation worshiped ev


  • Syntymä:
    Florence Mercy Espy, The Espy Family in America p. 69. The History ofHardin County, Ohio, 1883, p. 1042.
  • Avioliitto, kuolema:
    Florence Mercy Espy, The Espy Family in America p. 69.

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