• A
    • Abraham ca 1603-/1667, married to Jean-Jehan Cauchon
    • Amiot\Villeneuve 1670-1749, daughter of Mathieu and Marie Miville
    • sosa André, married to Samuel Chaigneau
    • sosa Arnaud, married to Guillaume Toupin
    • sosa Arnoult, married to Jacques Rousseau
    • sosa Aubert, married to Michel Aubert
    • Aucoin 1630-1718, daughter of Martin and Barbe Minguet
    • Audet\Lapointe 1706-1775, daughter of Joseph and Jeanne Pouliot
    • sosa Audinet, married to Sébastien Jahan
  • B
    • sosa Badeau ca 1638-1706, daughter of Jacques and Anne-Jeanne Ardouin, married to Pierre Parent
    • sosa Bailleul, married to Jean Barette
    • sosa Barbereau\Barbaret ca 1638-1713, married to Jean Arrivé
    • sosa Barette 1668-1745, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Bitouset, married to Martin Poulin
    • Baril ca 1633-, married to David Létourneau\Estourneau
    • Baugis ca 1675-, daughter of Michel and Madeleine Dubois
    • Bédard 1701-1737, daughter of Louis and Madeleine Huppé
    • sosa Bélanger 1705-1775, daughter of Paul and Jeanne Maheu, married to Noël Vachon\Pomerleau
    • sosa Bellejambe, married to Edmé-Étienne Jacob
    • sosa Bernard ca 1643-, daughter of Charles and Andrée Guyon, married to Guyon-Dion-Denis Chiasson\Lavallée
    • sosa Bigaud, married to Louis Énard
    • sosa Bitouset ca 1636-1707, daughter of Antoine and Nicole Duport, married to Louis Guimond
    • Bon, married to Pierre Guiet
    • sosa Boucher ca 1607-ca 1670, daughter of Inconnu , married to Thomas Ayotte\Hayot
    • sosa Boucherot, married to Thomas Sevestre
    • sosa Boudrot ca 1645-1710, daughter of Michel and Michelle Aucoin, married to Bonaventure-Venture Thériault
    • sosa Bourdon, married to Michel Souliard
    • Bourg ca 1659-/1724, daughter of Antoine and Antoinette Landry
    • Bourgeois ca 1667-1716, daughter of Jacques-Jacob and Jeanne Trahan
    • sosa Brassard ca 1641-1709, daughter of Antoine and Françoise Émery\Méry, married to Jacques Hédouin\Laforge
    • sosa Brechet, married to Jean Rainville
    • sosa Briqueville, daughter of Nicolas and Jeanne Juvigny, married to Vigor Clinchamp
    • sosa Brisson, married to Marin Mercier
    • sosa Brosseau 1681-1757, daughter of Julien Brosseau\Laverdure and Simone Chalifour, married to Philippe Paquet\Pasquier
    • Brun ca 1676-, daughter of Sébastien and Huguette Bourg
  • C
    • Cadieux 1663-1696, daughter of Charles Cadieux\Courville and Michelle-Madeleine Macard
    • sosa Caillé ca 1631-1711, married to Jean Mineau
    • sosa Canny, daughter of Aubert and Marie d'Enghien, married to Jean Barbançon
    • Carreau 1659-1730, daughter of Louis Carreau\Lafraîcheur and Jeanne Lerouge\St-Denis
    • Cauchon ca 1660-, daughter of Jean and Madeleine Miville
    • sosa Caudecoste, married to Olivier Clinchamp
    • Chalifour 1654-, daughter of Paul and Jacquette Archambault
    • Chalifour 1659-1743, daughter of Paul and Jacquette Archambault
    • Chalifour 1738-, daughter of Pierre and Geneviève Allard
    • sosa Chartier, married to Aubin Doison
    • Chevalier 1673-1746, daughter of René and Jeanne Langlois
    • sosa Chevalier, married to Félix Geffray
    • sosa Chevalier, married to André Pepin
    • sosa Choret 1652-1718, daughter of Mathieu and Sébastienne Veillon, married to Jean Morisset
    • sosa Cloutier ca 1668-1744, daughter of Charles and Louise Morin, married to Claude Gravel
    • sosa Cloutier 1715-1764, daughter of Zacharie and Jeanne-d'Arc Bacon, married to Pierre Lessard
    • sosa Coignet †1652/, daughter of Jehan and Barbe Inconnu, married to Philibert Tremblay
    • sosa Colinet, married to Jacques Defontaine\Fontaine
    • sosa Compain, married to David Estourneau
    • sosa Constantin 1664-1744, daughter of Guillaume Constantin\Vallée and Jeanne Masse, married to Guillaume Jourdain
    • sosa Copenen, married to Jacob Dorion
    • sosa Cormeau, married to François Conille
  • D
    • sosa Daragon, married to Jean Gariépy
    • David 1669-1698, daughter of Jacques David\Pontif and Marie Grandry\Grandin
    • sosa Delaunay, married to François Guimond
    • sosa Denis, married to Catherin Boucher
    • Derome 1683-1715, daughter of Denis Derome\Descarreaux and Jacqueline-Jacquine Roulois
    • Déry 1681-1723, daughter of Maurice Déry\Desris and Madeleine Philippeau
    • sosa Despins, married to Macia Nadeau
    • sosa Dorion 1689-1749, daughter of Pierre and Jeanne-Andrée Hédouin, married to Jean Sédilot\Montreuil
    • sosa Drouin 1647-1732, daughter of Robert and Anne Cloutier, married to Pierre Maheu\Hazard
    • Drouin, daughter of Inconnu and Inconnue ?
    • sosa DuChasteler, daughter of Sarazin , married to Gérard Barbançon
    • Dubeau 1716-, daughter of Jacques-Antoine and Catherine-Madeleine Bédard
    • Dubois 1673-1705, daughter of Jacques and Catherine Vieillot\Maranda
    • sosa Dubois, married to Pierre Maréchal
    • sosa Dumont, married to Jean Pépin
    • Duvaux, married to Germaine Héricourt
  • E
    • sosa Énard ca 1639-1713, daughter of Louis and Jeanne Bigaud, married to Claude Philippau
    • sosa Enghien (d'), married to Jacques Werchin
  • F
    • sosa Fayande, married to Léonard Leblanc
    • Fontaine 1700-1779, daughter of Étienne and Marie Conille
    • sosa Fressel ca 1653-1738, daughter of André Fresset and Marie Avisse, married to Étienne Jacob
  • G
    • Gaboury 1672-1712, daughter of Louis and Nicole Souliard
    • Gagné 1683-1719, daughter of Pierre and Catherine Daubigeon
    • Gagnon 1641-1699, daughter of Jean and Marguerite Cauchon
    • sosa Gaillard, married to Loup Mercier
    • Galliot, married to Jean Hélie
    • sosa Gardony, married to Barthélemy Voisy\Vousy
    • Gautreau ca 1665-1749, daughter of François and Edmée Lejeune
    • Gautreau ca 1687-, daughter of Claude and Marie Thériault
    • sosa Guerineau †ca 1572, married to Simon Pajot
    • sosa Guiet 1632-, daughter of Pierre and Gabrielle Roquier, married to Jean Gobeil
    • sosa Guillot 1720-1794, daughter of Vincent and Charlotte Godin, married to Jean-Baptiste Dubeau
    • Guimond 1699-1778, daughter of Joseph and Anne Paré
  • H
    • Hélie\Breton 1674-1715, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Labbé
    • sosa Huot, married to François Lacroix
  • J
    • sosa Jahan ca 1606-1682, married to François Goudeau
    • sosa Josse, married to Jean Pouliot
    • Jourdain 1684-1757, daughter of Guillaume and Jeanne Constantin
    • sosa Jourdain 1739-1818, daughter of Joseph and Thérèse Boucher, married to Jacques Lafontaine\Pénin\Bouin
    • Jousselot ca 1649-1709, daughter of Pierre and Ozanne Drapeau
    • sosa Juvigny, married to Nicolas Briqueville
  • L
    • sosa L'Escalier, daughter of Baltazar l'Escalier, married to Louis Sevestre
    • sosa Labbé 1640-1715, daughter of Charles and Françoise Bertrand, married to Jean Hélie\Breton
    • sosa Lacherer, married to Antoine Destroismaisons
    • Lafontaine\Pénin ca 1759-1804, daughter of Jacques Lafontaine\Pénin\Bouin and Jeanne Jourdain
    • sosa Langlois 1643-ca 1687, daughter of Noël and Françoise Grenier\Garnier, married to René Chevalier
    • sosa Languille ca 1643-1711, daughter of Michel and Étiennette Toucheraine, married to François Allard
    • sosa Larrivée 1669-, daughter of Jean Arrivé and Jeanne Barbereau\Barbaret, married to Jean Dumais\Demers
    • sosa LeSur ca 1460-, daughter of Adenet and Jacquette N. ?, married to Pierre Pépin
    • Leblanc 1659-1719/, daughter of Léonard and Marie Riton
    • Lebouc, married to Claude Souhaitté
    • sosa Legrand 1595-, daughter of Noël and Suzanne Loyseau, married to Antoine Crêese
    • sosa Legrand, married to André Lespinay
    • sosa Lelièvre 1634-1728, daughter of Guillaume and Judith Riquier, married to Nicolas Roy\Leroy
    • sosa Lerouge\St-Denis ca 1626-1696, daughter of Pierre Lerouge and Marguerite Joly, married to Louis Carreau\Lafraîcheur
    • Loignon 1671-1717, daughter of Pierre-Denis and Françoise Roussin
    • sosa Loyer ca 1637-1699, married to Michel Thibault
    • Lunot\Louisneau 1686-1730, daughter of Pierre Luneau and Marie Bertin\Bréval
  • M
    • sosa Maheu 1681-1754, daughter of Pierre Maheu\Hazard and Jeanne Drouin, married to Joseph Garnier\Grenier
    • sosa Maline ca 1625-1689, married to Michel Roulois
    • sosa Manie 1586-, married to Jean Hélie
    • sosa Masse 1649-1725/, daughter of Pierre and Marie Pinet\LaChaunaye, married to Guillaume Constantin\Vallée
    • sosa Masse, daughter of Jacques Massé and Françoise Olivier, married to Charles Pénin
    • sosa Mercier ca 1622-1687, daughter of Loup and Jeanne Gaillard, married to Claude-Basile-Joseph Poulin
    • sosa Meulan, married to Guillaume Briqueville
    • sosa Mey\Mailly\Aimée ca 1663-1731, married to Julien Aubois\Hautbois
    • Migneault\Châtillon 1658-, daughter of Jean and Marie-Louise Cloutier
    • sosa Millet, married to Guillaume Langlois
    • sosa Montchablon, daughter of Gobert and Mahaut deVille, married to Nicolas Barbançon
    • sosa Morand, married to François Savard
    • sosa Moreau, married to Claude Morin
    • Morin 1685-1755, daughter of Pierre and Catherine Lemesle
    • Morisset 1683-1756, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Choret
    • sosa Moulin, married to Pierre Pelletier
  • N
    • Nadeau 1782-, daughter of François-Étienne and Marthe Vallée\Lavallée
    • sosa Nepveu, married to Panthaléon Dorange
    • sosa Nyeullé, daughter of Marin Nyeulle and Adrienne Jacquet, married to Pierre Roussin
  • P
    • Paquet 1706-1774, daughter of Philippe Paquet\Pasquier and Jeanne Brosseau
    • Paré 1685-1757, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Racine
    • Pellerin ca 1688-1758, daughter of Étienne and Jeanne Savoie
    • Pelletier 1644-1715, daughter of Nicolas and Jeanne Vousy
    • Philippeau ca 1666-1708, daughter of Claude Philippau and Jeanne Énard
    • sosa Pipette, married to Jean Chamard
    • sosa Pirodin, married to Antoine Parenteau
    • Poitras 1700-1772, daughter of Jean and Marie-Anne Lavoie
    • sosa Pouliot 1678-1759, daughter of Charles and Françoise Meunier, married to Joseph Audet\Lapointe
    • sosa Poussard, married to Étienne Paquet\Pasquier
    • Prieur, daughter of Inconnu
    • Provost\Prévost 1714-, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Prévost and Geneviève Sédilot\Montreuil
  • R
    • Rabouin 1683-1750, daughter of Jean and Marguerite Leclerc
    • sosa Racine ca 1660-, daughter of Étienne and Marguerite Martin, married to Jean Paré
    • Racine 1677-/1730, daughter of Noël and Marguerite Gravel
    • Rahir-Gauthier, married to Denis Cloutier
    • Renaud 1642-1714, daughter of Vincent and Marie Martin
    • sosa Renaud 1666-1737, daughter of Jacques and Marie Charrier, married to Claude Fournier
    • Roinay\Rouenne 1662-1738, daughter of François Roinay and Perrine Meunier\Mousnier
    • sosa Rossignol\Crossonneau 1650-1712, daughter of Martin Crossonneau and Renée Desjardins, married to Charles Petit
    • sosa Rotrau, married to Pierre Cronier
    • sosa Roucy, married to Robert Sarrebruche
  • S
    • sosa Sarrebruche, daughter of Robert and Jeanne Roucy, married to Christophe Barbançon
    • sosa Savoie ca 1658-1735, daughter of François and Catherine Lejeune\Briard, married to Étienne Pellerin
    • sosa Savonnet ca 1647-1721, daughter of Jacques and Antoinette Babillette, married to Jean Soucy\Lavigne
    • sosa Sédilot\Montreuil 1724-, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Dorion, married to Jean Dupuis\Gilbert
    • sosa Serre, married to Mathieu Chauré\Choret
    • sosa Serré, married to René Hyardin
    • sosa Sicard †ca 1675, daughter of Jacques and Marie Bougnet, married to Mathurin Leblanc
  • T
    • Tardif 1673-, daughter of Jacques and Barbe Dorange
    • Thériault ca 1643-1726, daughter of Jean-Jehan and Périnne Rau\Reau
    • Therrien 1689-1716, daughter of Pierre and Gabrielle Mineau
    • Thibault 1674-1744, daughter of Michel and Jeanne Loyer
    • sosa Touchetelle, married to Gilles Mignier
    • sosa Toussaint, married to Claude Grandin
    • sosa Trahan ca 1629-, daughter of Guillaume and Françoise Corbineau, married to Jacques-Jacob Bourgeois
    • Trahan ca 1674-, daughter of Guillaume and Madeleine Brun
    • Tremblay ca 1672-1711, daughter of Pierre and Anne-Ozanne Achon
    • Trudel 1656-1734, daughter of Jean and Marguerite Thomas
  • V
    • sosa Voidy\Védié ca 1637-1708, daughter of Michel Vaydié and Catherine Dorbelle, married to Jean Demers\Dumais
    • sosa Vousy ca 1611-1689, daughter of Barthélemy Voisy\Vousy and Jeanne Gardony, married to Nicolas Pelletier
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