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  • A
  • B
    • Baugis ca 1639-1717, married to Madeleine Dubois
    • Baugis ca 1679-1756, son of Michel and Madeleine Dubois
    • Beaudet ca 1686-1764, son of Jean and Marie Grandin
    • Boucher ca 1661-, son of François and Florence Gareman
    • Boucher 1738-1820, son of Prisque and Françoise Miville
    • sosa Boudrot ca 1600-, married to Michelle Aucoin
    • Boudrot\Boudreau ca 1659-/1714, son of Michel Boudrot and Michelle Aucoin
    • Bounilot\Bounillau 1653-ca 1689, married to Madeleine Fiset
  • C
    • Chartier 1667-1750, married to Anne-Jeanne-Xainte Grondin
    • Chevalier 1670-1748, son of René and Jeanne Langlois
  • D
    • Demers 1701-1759, son of Nicolas and Anne-Jeanne Rocheron
    • Demers\Dumais 1709-1749, son of René and Anne Dubois\Lafrance
    • sosa Derome\Descarreaux 1680-1743, son of Denis and Jacqueline-Jacquine Roulois, married to Madeleine Dussault
    • Drouin 1600-1662, son of Robert and Marie Dubois
    • sosa Drouin 1744-1806, son of Jean and Françoise Poulin, married to Angélique Prévost\Provost
    • Dubeau 1756-1837, son of Jean-Baptiste and Jeanne Guillot
  • F
    • sosa Froc, married to Barbe Ronneval
  • G
    • Giasson ca 1677-1759, son of Guyon-Dion-Denis Chiasson\Lavallée and Jeanne Bernard
    • Giguère 1759-, son of Bon-Chrétien and Dorothée Racine\Noyer
    • Giroux 1661-1715, son of Toussaint and Marie Godard
    • Giroux 1708-, son of Jean and Marie-Charlotte Garnier
    • sosa Gobeil †/1623, married to Vincente Benoist
    • sosa Grandin, married to Marie Lejeune
    • sosa Guillaume, son of Marin and Étiennette Dollu, married to Germaine Arnolin
    • Guyon\Derouvray 1634-1704, son of Jean Guyon and Mathurine Robin
  • J
    • Jourdain 1695-1752, son of Guillaume and Jeanne Constantin
    • Julien 1727-1795, son of Jean and Louise Trudel
    • sosa Julien, married to Perrinne Contant
  • L
    • Labbé\Squéret 1735-, son of Jean-Baptiste Squerre\Labbé and Ursule-Geneviève Dauphin
    • Lafontaine\Pénin 1741-1815, son of Jean-Baptiste Pénin\Lafontaine and Angélique Guénet\Latulippe
    • Lambert\Champagne ca 1680-1733, son of Aubin and Élisabeth Aubert
    • sosa Languille, married to Étiennette Toucheraine
    • sosa Larue, married to Madeleine Gillain
    • Lermusier, married to Xainte Dupont
  • M
    • Marié\Lemarié ca 1654-1727, son of Jacques and Marie Morin
    • Ménard 1694-, son of Jacques Ménard\Deslauriers and Madeleine Royer\Baugis
    • Morin ca 1699-1767, son of Pierre Morin\Boucher and Françoise Chiasson\Lavallée
  • P
    • Parent 1671-1726, son of Pierre and Jeanne Badeau
    • Parent 1693-1728, son of Jacques and Geneviève-Louise Chevalier
    • sosa Pénin\Lafontaine 1664-1741, son of Charles Pénin and Jeanne Masse, married to Marie Pothier
    • Pépin\Lachance 1792-1872, son of Charles Pepin\Lachance and Josephte Isoire\Provençal
  • R
    • Rhéaume 1685-, son of René and Marie Chevreau
    • sosa Roulois ca 1621-1690, son of Marin and Perinne Boulay, married to Jeanne Maline
    • Roulois 1655-1686, son of Michel and Jeanne Maline
    • Roy 1708-1744, son of Guillaume and Angélique Bazin\Ladurantaye
  • S
  • T
    • sosa Tardif 1671-1730, son of Jacques and Barbe Dorange, married to Catherine Lespinay
    • sosa Thibault †1715, married to Jeanne Loyer
    • Tremblay 1662-1727, son of Pierre and Anne-Ozanne Achon
  • V
    • Vachon 1807-, son of Roger Vachon\Pomerleau and Marie Jacob
    • sosa Vachon\Pomerleau 1741-1804, son of Noël and Jeanne Bélanger, married to Angélique-Geneviève-Victoire Lessard
    • Vachon\Pomerleau 1766-1838, son of Michel and Angélique-Geneviève-Victoire Lessard
    • Vallée\Lavallée ca 1677-1752, son of Pierre and Thérèse Leblanc
    • sosa Vaydié, married to Catherine Dorbelle
  • d
    • sosa de-Nollent, son of Guillaume and Christine Bosc, married to Marie Lhermitter
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