Monica, Mónica


  • A
    • Alba Guerrero, married to Francisco de Paula Pliego Vilchis
    • Aldrete Coronado, daughter of Manuel Aldrete Camarena and Refugio Coronado, married to Francis Marseille Orendáin
    • Arrambide Galván 1878-, daughter of Antonio Herculano Arrambide Treviño and Magdalena Galván Garza, married to Julián Ontiveros Hernández
    • Arrillaga Ballescá, daughter of Francisco Javier Arrillaga Muñoz and Elena Ballescá Palacios
    • Arsuaga Salsamendi, married to Sebastián Maíz Garmendia
  • B
    • Baguena, married to Francisco Moreno
    • Barba Anaya 1844-, daughter of Antonio Barba and María Anaya, married to Félix González Álvarez
  • C
    • Caballero Peña, daughter of Fernando Caballero and Gloria Estela Peña Valdés
    • Cámara Sosa, daughter of Matías José Cámara Solís and María Asunción Sosa Coronado
    • Cantú Garza 1846, daughter of Francisco Cantú Lozano and Isabel Garza, married to Gerónimo Quiroga Villarreal
    • Capelón de Espínola Aguirre 1707-, daughter of Francisco Capelón de Espínola and Juana Aguirre Vidaurreta
    • Cárdenas Méndez 1841-, daughter of Eduardo María Cárdenas Carrillo de Albornoz and Desideria Méndez Vadillo, married to Gerónimo Villanueva
    • Castro, married to Jacinto Romero
    • Cepeda, married to José María Cavazos
    • Compeán García 1813, daughter of José María Compeán and Juana Garcia, married to Luis Borde Pechin
    • Cruz, married to Francisco Castillo
  • D
    • Delgado Lara 1834, daughter of Anastasio Delgado Luévano and Hipólita Manuela Lara Varela, married to Miguel Rodríguez Vázquez
    • Domínguez Galván, married to Hilario Villarreal García
    • Duarte Ruela 1813-, daughter of Juan José Duarte and María Candelaria Ruela, married to Martín Ramón Medina González
  • E
  • F
  • G
    • García, married to Joaquín Acosta
    • García Marín 1788, daughter of Esteban García and Josefa Marín, married to Juan Vicente Gómez de Pedroso Ruiz de Castañeda
    • García-Rejón Galera, daughter of Donaciano García-Rejón Mazo and María Mónica Galera Encalada, married to Fernando Cervera
    • Garza Flores 1867-1918, daughter of ..... and ....., married to Joseph Andrew Roach Pérez
    • Garza-Falcón Montemayor, daughter of Lázaro Garza-Falcón González-Hidalgo and Petronila Rodríguez de Montemayor
    • González, married to José Carlos Gutiérrez de Hermosillo Romo de Vivar
    • González García 1864, daughter of Ignacio González Mercado and Mariana García Mayoral, married to Leonardo R López Reyes
    • Gordón Gutiérrez 1857-, daughter of Manuel Gordón and Antonia Gutiérrez, married to Manuel Gil Somellera
  • H
    • Hurtado, married to Gregorio Vázquez
  • I
    • Iglesias Mendoza 1851, daughter of Remigio Iglesias Luna and Florentina Mendoza
  • J
    • Jimeno Vega, daughter of Andrés Jimeno and Teresa Vega, married to Antonio Jimeno Adrados
  • L
    • Lanz Marentes 1783-, daughter of Miguel Lanz and Juana Marentes Caraveo, married to Manuel Ortiz
    • Leal ca 1846, married to Manuel Terán
    • Leija Soto 1818, daughter of Luis Leija and Damiana Soto, married to Andrés Zarzosa Pinedo
    • Letechipía Cuéllar 1816-1875, daughter of Juan Manuel Letechipía and Manuela Cuellar Moreno, married to Ricardo Pani Corelli
    • Limón, married to Francisco Teresa Miranda
    • Llano Peña, daughter of Juan Llano and Mónica Peña, married to Francisco Cortina Vizcaino
    • López, married to José Gómez Galán
    • López, married to Francisco Asís
    • López, married to Juan Torres
    • López García, daughter of Manuel López Peral and Lorenza García de Malabear Peral
    • López de Ayala Jové 1873-, daughter of Francisco de Paula López de Ayala Dusmet and Petra Jové Alvaro, married to Francisco de Borja Patiño Mesa
  • M
    • Macua, married to Juan Miguel Arregui
    • Maldonado, married to José María Santibáñez
    • Martín, married to José Marcelino Padilla Martín
    • Martín Coronado, daughter of Fernando Martín Martín and Florencia Coronado González, married to Manuel Gómez Aranda
    • Martín Povedano, married to Pablo Reynoso
    • Martínez, married to Luis Rodríguez
    • Martínez, married to Manuel Farfán
    • Martínez Cuadra, daughter of José Martínez Sarabia and Feliciana Cuadra Gibaja, married to Juan Castillo
    • Mayoral Roig, married to Miguel Artal Sentis
    • Medina-Celi Santana †1919, daughter of Ignacio Medina-Celi and Nepomucena Santana, married to Alberto Tolsá Parra
    • Merlin, married to José Gabriel Núñez
    • Michel, married to Marcelino Barragán
    • Milward , daughter of Charles Amherst and Isabella Burns
    • Morán Vivanco 1824-, daughter of José Morán Villar and María Loreto Vivanco Vicario
    • Musitu Zalvide-Goitia 1771-, daughter of Fernando Musitu Fernández de Mendiola and Magdalena Zalvide-Goitia Herrarte, married to Juan Matías Uribe Assua
  • N
  • O
    • Obregón, married to Agustín Frías Servín de la Mora
    • Ontiveros, married to Ignacio Camberos Vizcaino
    • Oviedo Ortiz 1820-, daughter of Ramón Oviedo Rodríguez and María Calixta Ortiz de la Torre Monje
  • P
    • Palacios, married to Nicolás Merino
    • Palacios García, married to Nicolás Merino
    • Palafox Gil 1794, daughter of José Gerardo Palafox-Lozano Oliva and María Manuela Gil Calatayud
    • Pares, married to Juan Pascual Ballester
    • Peña, married to Juan Llano
    • Pérez 1845, married to Miguel Vázquez
    • Pinto Riesco, daughter of Aníbal Pinto Cruz and Julia Riesco Ugarte, married to Faustino Mosso Sola
    • Pliego Alba 1884, daughter of Francisco de Paula Pliego Vilchis and Mónica Alba Guerrero
    • Pliego Mora, daughter of Francisco Pliego Alba and Estela Mora
    • Porras, married to José Alejandro Hierro Ronquillo
  • R
    • Reyes, married to Laureano Reyes
    • Reyes Gamboa 1851-, daughter of Wenceslao Reyes Reyes and Guadalupe Gamboa Sandoval
    • Rodríguez Quintanilla 1592-1681, daughter of Diego Rodríguez Sosa and Sebastiana Quintanilla, married to Miguel Montemayor Canto
    • Ruiz Castro 1827-, daughter of Vicente Ruiz and Antonia Castro, married to Rafael Yermo Yermo
  • S
  • T
    • Tijerina Tijerina, daughter of Luis Tijerina and Carmen Tijerina, married to Manuel Terán Berrones
    • Torre, daughter of Ramón and Dolores Victoria N, married to Ricardo Arzamendi Gutiérrez
    • Torres, married to José María Salinas
    • Treviño Treviño 1840-, daughter of Cosme Damián Treviño Garza and María Josefa Treviño González
  • U
  • V
    • Valle López-Calderón 1831, daughter of Alonso José María Valle Villar and Ana Josefa López-Calderón Sánchez de Oropesa, married to Fernando Mendizábal Mendizábal
    • Vázquez, married to José Cardona
    • Vitorica Murga 1856, married to Lucas Urquijo Urrutia
  • Y
    • Yarto, married to Salvador Seco
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