• Born 7 April 1851 - Tregoss,Roche,Cornwall
  • Baptized 4 July 1851 - Tregoss,Roche,Cornwall,England
  • Deceased 31 July 1914 - Temuka,Canterbury,New Zealand , age at death: 63 years old
  • Buried 2 August 1914 - Temuka,Canterbury,New Zealand
  • Labourer


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

1861 census Victoria Lane? Source information: RG9/1549 Registration
district: St Austell Sub-registration district: St Austell ED, institution,
or vessel: 22b Folio: 67 Page: 11 Household schedule number: 54 Civil
parish: Roche Ecclesiatical parish: Exeter County/Island: Cornwall Country:
Samuel Pearce Hooper 1828 (33) Roche, Cornwall, England Head Roche Cornwall,
Amy Hooper 1828 (33) Roche, Cornwall, England Wife Roche Cornwall, wife
Thos Francis Hooper 1852 (9)Roche, Cornwall, England Son Roche Cornwall,
Mary Ann Hooper 1853 (8) Roche, Cornwall, England Daughter Roche Cornwall,
Samuel Hooper 1855 (6) Roche, Cornwall, England Son Roche Cornwall, Scholar
Richard Hooper 1857 (4) Roche, Cornwall, England Son Roche Cornwall, Scholar
Guy Hooper 1859 (2) Roche, Cornwall, England Son Roche Cornwall, Scholar
Peternall Hooper 1860 (9months) Roche, Cornwall, England Daughter Roche
Susan Hancock abt 1846 (15) Roche, Cornwall, England Servant Roche Cornwall,
House Servant
Thomas Olver 1825 (36)St Austell, Cornwall, England Lodger Roche Cornwall,
William Roach 1826 (35) Roche, Cornwall, England Lodger Roche Cornwall, Farm
John Varcoe 1825 (36) Roche, Cornwall, England Lodger Roche Cornwall, Miner
1871 CensusSource information: RG10/2266 Registration district: St Austell
Sub-registration district: St Austell ED, institution, or vessel: 20 Folio:
34 Page: Household schedule number: 103 Civil Parish: Roche Town: Church
County/Island: Cornwall Country: England Address Churchtown.
Robert F Gardiner abt 1832 Visyapalun, India Head Roche Cornwall, Rector of
Cuthbert Gardiner abt 1867 Roche, Cornwall, England Son Roche Cornwall,
Mary E Gardiner abt 1868 Roche, Cornwall, England Daughter Roche Cornwall
Jane Giddey abt 1827 St Breock, Cornwall, England Servant Roche Cornwall ,
Home Keeper Domestic Servant
Thos Hooper abt 1851(20) Roche, Cornwall, England Servant Roche Cornwall,
gardener Domestic Servant
Ann Roberts abt 1858 Roche, Cornwall, England Servant Roche Cornwall, House
Maid, Domestic Servant

Departed from Graveshead on 8 August 1875 aboard "Duke of Edinburgh" with
cousin Nicholas FRANCIS which arrived in Timaru on 17 November 1875
(Thomas Hooper 24 Farm Labourer arrived Duke of Edinburgh arrived Lyttleton
(Destination was Timaru) 17 November 1875 also Micheal Francis 22 Farm
Labourer <http://www.rootsweb.com/~nzlscant/duke.htm>)
He departed England on 31 October 1878 aboard "Northen Monarch" with a
cousin Anthony FRANCIS. Arrived Lyttleton 1 Feb 1879

NZ Marriage number 3164/1880 to Mary CHAPMAN at St Saviours Church, Temuka
witnessed by James RADFORD,a mason and Anne CHAPMAN, Minister G
FYNES-CLINTON, Anglican Thomas aged 28, Mary aged 24, Thomas, a labourer,
Samuel a farmer, William a gardener.
Had 10 children
Freeholders 1882 Hooper Thomas Francis, Labourer, Temuka, Geraldine County,
value $270
1887 Electoral Roll, Gladstone, Thomas Francis, freeholder, Temuka,
Labourer, Section and House, Temuka
1893 Electoral Roll, Pareora, Thomas Francis, Temuka, Labourer, Freehold
1894 Electoral Roll, Pareora, Thomas Francis, Temuka, Labourer, freehold
1899 Electoral Roll, Geraldine, Thomas Francis,Temuka, Labourer, freehold
1902 Electoral Roll, Geraldine, Thomas Francis, Temuka, Labourer
1908 Electoral Roll, Temuka, Thomas Francis, Temuka, Labourer
1911 Electoral Roll, Temuka, Thomas Francis, 15 Allnatt St, Temuka, Labourer

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Francis Hooper no 579 left everything to his wife Mary estate under 1000 pounds . she paid 194.15.9 in duty

Born:7 April 1851 Roche ,Cornwall,England
Arrived in N.Z 1874 aged 23 years
1874 aged 19 years

IM-CH 4/143
Duke of Edinburgh, NZ Shipping Co. London 17 7 1874, arr Canterbury 17 11 1874, 107 days, 201(j), 137(k), 274 adults, £14 10 0 Also Michael Francis

"Duke of Edinburgh"
South Canterbury NZGenWeb Project

Immigrants for Canterbury, New Zealand IM -CH 4/143 8 august 1875 departed arrived 22 November 1875 Aged 24 years Farm Labourer
Timaru Herald Friday 19 November 1875The ship Duke of Edinburgh, 1117 tons, Captain Mosey, from London, with immigrants for Timaru, arrived at Lyttelton on Wednesday last, Nov. 17, after a passage of 100 days. This being her third voyage to Lyttelton. She left Gravened at 3.am. on Sunday August 8; cast off tug at 5 p.m. off Dungeness, and proceeded down the Channel with light variable wind; landed pilot at Dartmouth on the 10th at 3 p.m. Took departure from the Start on Aug. 11, where we saw Company's ship Mataura, and Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co.'s ship Calypso. She had a good passage until reaching 22deg. south latitude, when she experienced a succession of gales, which continued till arriving at the meridian of Tasmania. When off the Snares on November 12th a heavy gale of a cyclonic nature prevailed. On Sept. 27, with fresh breeze and strong sea, ship going 8½ knots, whilst at dinner, the alarm was given - "man overboard." Hove to and sent port lifeboat in charge of Mr Rowlands. second officer, who succeeded in picking the man up, none the worse for his immersion, excepting a wetting, and the boat was in the davits fifteen minutes after the alarm was given. The man was James Whealan. He kept himself afloat on his back, not seeing the lifebouy, which was picked up close to him. The immigrants, of whom there are 180, with two saloon passengers, arrived in good health, 36 being single girls, mostly domestic servants, and are of a superior class; they are, with a few exceptions, bound for Timaru. Two births and two deaths of children occurred on the voyage. The ship has a large cargo, and comes consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company. The steamer Hawea went alongside the ship yesterday, and took the immigrants for Timaru onboard.
19th. page 3It was a little disappointing to the Timaru community that the Duke of Edinburgh went to Lyttelton instead of landing her immigrants at their destination. It will always seem a kind of slight for ships full of passengers and cargo for this place to sail right past us in fair weather, and forward passengers and goods ignominiously in a coasting steamer. But we fancy there is really very little to complain of. When a ship is only insured for a certain port, and her insurance would be void in case of damage arising elsewhere, her captain cannot be blamed if he studies the interests of his employers by keeping on the safe side.
Although the Agent-General had on his list a considerable number of experience and reputation men who had made many previous voyages in charge of immigrants with credit, and who had long been waiting for employment, Dr Hansen, a young man was appointed to the Duke of Edinburgh, who had literally no experience whatever of his work, was entirely unknown in the service, and was himself in a shattered state of health. having just emerged from a long and severe attack of typhoid fever, he wished to take the trip to recruit his strength. For the first half of the trip he scarcely left his berth, and suffered so terribly from sea-sickness and debility...The Union Steamship Company's fine steamer Hawea, 461 tons, Wheeler, called here yesterday, having on board the immigrants for Timaru from the Duke of Edinburgh at Lyttelton. She arrived here at 6 a.m., and after landing the passengers and luggage, left for Dunedin. She received excellent despatch, as was shown by the fact that she sailed at half-past eight.
The Timaru Herald Wednesday 3rd November 1875 page 2
200 Immigrants by the Duke of Edinburgh
[Note this list was published before the vessel arrived in NZ and only 180 came out]
Families - 93
Barrie John 23 joiner
Barrie Catherine 23
Batchelor Charles 22 blacksmith's assistant
Batchelor Mary 19
Brooks Charles William 29 farm laborer
Brooks Margaret 20
Brooks Charles A 1
Cocklayne Edward 22 farm laborer
Cocklayne Ellen 21
Carr Peter 30 stonemason
Carr Ann 22
Carr Mary infant
Fillet William 44 blacksmith
Fillet Alice 42
Fillet Matilda 6
Fillet Eliza 4
Fordham Lerr 30 laborer
Fordham Emma 30
Fordham Sarah A 5
Griffin Henry 32 laborer
Griffin Annie 35
Griffin Laura 11
Griffin Jane 8
Griffin Frank 5
Griffin Eliza A 3
Hughes Jesse 34 plaster
Hughes Matilda 38
Hughes Maria 9
Hobbs George 24 gardener
Hobbs Jemima 23
Hobbs George Henry infant
Hunter George 21 laborer
Hunter Jessie 21
Hunter William infant
Hunt Henry 22 bricklayer
Hunt Margaret 23
Kennedy James 22 excavator
Kennedy Ellen 21
Kennedy Mary infant
Marriott Josiah 30 farm laborer
Marriott Elizabeth 31
Marriott Alfred J 8
Marriott Amelia 5
Marriott Hephzibah 3
Marriott Herbert 1
McCready Thomas 38 carpenter
McCready Jane 28
McCready Alexander 6
McCready Margaret 4
Phillips Joseph 28 laborer
Phillips Ellen 29
Phillips Alfred 4
Phillips Ellen 2
Rothwell James 34 laborer
Rothwell Elizabeth 28
Smith Thomas 24 farm laborer
Smith Eliza 22
Smith Thomas 1
Smith Olive infant
Saussey James F 29 blacksmith
Saussey Susan P 22
Saussey James William 1
Smith Thomas 37 laborer
Smith Sarah 28
Smith Harry infant
Tapp George William 40 carpenter
Tapp Hester 34
Tapp George 10
Tapp Minnie 8
Thyne Martin 40 farmer
Thyne Ellen 35
Thyne Bridget 11
Thyne Lawrence 8
Thyne Thomas 5
Thyne John 3
Watts Norah 45 wood sawyer
Watts Martha 40
Watts Martha 11
Watts Florence 3
Wilding William 23 farm laborer
Wilding Eliza E 22
Wilding Sarah E infant
Wakefield George 26 miner
Wakefield Mary 22
Wakefield Emily infant
Wakefield John 24 laborer
Wakefield Emma 22
Wakefield Frederick W 1
Wand William 40 laborer
Wand Ann 40
Wand Alfred 18
Willows Robert 29 engineer
Willows Lady E 35
Single Men - 62
Binham Walter 18 laborer
Boyle James William 28 laborer
Brosnan John farm laborer
Brown John 25 engine driver
Callow Thomas 19 farm laborer
Constantine Charles 25 joiner
Dent Charles 48 farm laborer
Dobson Henry S 18 farm laborer
Dupre Henry A 19 tailor
Ellis John Joseph 20 gardener
Elsom George 18 groom
Francis Michael 22 farm laborer
Gethim John 26 farm laborer
Greygoose Stephen laborer
Grindle Henry 29 farm laborer
Hembs John 16 miner
Hogan John 28 farm laborer
Hooper Thomas 24 farm laborer
Howe Patrick 22 farm laborer
Hunter John 21 breaksman
Jones Edward P 18 schoolmaster
Jordan Thomas 22 farm laborer
Kavabbah Edward 22 farm laborer
Kavannagh John 24 farm laborer
Kennedy Michael 21 farm laborer
King Henry 19 bricklayer
Lewis Thomas 22 laborer
Locke Joseph 24 farm laborer
Look Robert 26 farm laborer
Magrath Michael 25 laborer
Mahoney William 18 farm laborer
Maloney Michael 22 farm laborer
McCole James 18 carpenter
McSweeny Morgan 18 laborer
Nolan Thomas 20 farm laborer
Ogg William 23 farm laborer
O'Connell Jonathan 23 ploughman
O'Connor Dennis 20 farm laborer
O'Connor John 23 laborer
O'Leary Thomas 26 farm laborer
Phelan John 18 carpenter
Pirie James 21 farm laborer
Price Thomas 29 laborer
Probert George 30 laborer
Pugh Charles William 23 smith
Pugh Frank 17
Pugh George 20 laborer
Russell Robert 21 breaksman
Sayle William 22 farm laborer
Shewan David 39 farm laborer
Slight James 29 farm laborer
Smail Joseph 21 shepherd
Thyne Patrick 15 farm laborer
Thyne Martin 15 farm laborer
Thyne Michael 14 farm laborer
Tomlin William 16 tailor
Underwood George 17 laborer
Verguson Jonah 22 laborer
Wand Alfred 18 laborer
Westerley John 23 laborer
Whealon James 29 quarryman
Williamson Thomas 20 gardener
Single Women - 42
Austin Ann A 18 servant
Beard Ann 18 servant
Beldy Mrs Alice 30
Bishop Emma 19 servant
Bishop Julia 15 servant
Curran Ellen 21 dairymaid
Challis Mary 24 servant
Cregan Mary 30 servant
Dent Susan 15 servant
Dent Lottie 11
Dent Grace 6
Evanns Margaret 31 cook
Falvey Catherine 30 washerwomen
Falvey Honora 12
Fillet Rebecca 17 nursemaid
Fillet Alice 12 nursemaid
Greig Jane 33 servant
Henderson Annie 34 housemaid
McGillcuddy H 40 servant
Marshall Emily J 21 servant
Monlin Alice 17 tailoress
O'Connor Mary 22 servant
O'Shea Mary 21 housemaid
O'Shea Margaret 19 housemaid
Pugh Louisa 45 laundress
Pugh Rachel 13
Ronane M 25 servant
Scott Ada 19 servant
Shewan Ann 40 servant
Shewan Christianna 69 servant
Sinclair Eliza 32 servant
Sinclair Wilhelmina 23 servant
Sullivan Helen 29
Sullivan Honora 8
Sullivan Daniel 6
Sullivan Dennis 3
Sutherbank Mary A 17 servant
Tapp Hester 17 nurse
Tapp Jessie 16 servant
Tapp Mary A 15 servant
Tomlin Ruth 22 housemaid
Tomlin Harriett 20
Colonial Nominated
Burton Samuel 59 wool sorter
Burton Elizabeth 39
Burton Ann 8
Nationality -

English 132 Scotch 20 Irish 46 Welsh 1 Channel Islanders 5 Polish 1

Total souls 205; equal to 179½ statute adults

Summary - Male adults 96 female adults 66 male children 16 female children 18 infants 8

Married : Mary Chapman at age 28 yrs .Mary aged 22 years
Occupation:Carrier in Temuka
He was 40 Yrs in N.Z. at his death.
Died of Abdominal Carcinoma-Heart Failure.

Reference 13219 Surname HOOPER Forenames THOMAS FRANCIS Occupation LABOURER Address TEMUKA Age at Death 63 Date of Death Date of Interment 2/8/1914 Cemetery Temuka Cemetery Denomination ANGLICAN Section B Block Plot 518 Beam Clergy Name REV NORRIS

title Probate years
HOOPER Thomas Francis - Temuka 1914 - 1914

agency series accession box / item record part alternative no.
CAHY CH145 579

change: 7 Oct 2006 04:12:18

Family Note

BDM 20/25 page 757/86

Thomas Francis Hooper Batchelor Labourer 28 yrs Temuka resident for 2 yrs

Mary Chapman Spinster none 24 years Temuka Resident 5 yrs

St Savoiurs Church Temuka
80/3164 27 May 1880 G Fynes-Clinton


  • Individual: Freeholders Returns 1882; via Zandria;; Freeholders 1882 - Hooper, Thomas Francis, labourer, Temuka, Geraldine County, value 270.00 h; ouse and section. (NB Zandra had value in dollars); Electoral Roll; 1887 Gladstone via Zandria; Thomas Francis, freeholder Temuka, labourer, section and house, Temuka; Electoral Roll; 1893 Pareora via Zandria; Thomas Francis, freeholder, Temuka; Electoral Roll; 1894 Pareora via Zandria; Electoral Roll; 1899 Geraldine Temuka via Zandria; Electoral Roll; 1902 Geraldine Temuka via Zandria; Electoral Roll; 1908 Temuka via Zandria; labourer; Electoral Roll; 1911 Temuka via Zandria; Thomas Francis, 15 Allnut Street

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Robert Hooper 1801-1885   Peternell Pearce 1805-1870   Thomas Francis 1783-1850   Jane Osbourne 1788-1859
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Samuel Pearce Hooper 1828-1885   Amy Francis 1827-
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Thomas Francis Hooper 1851-1914

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