Berenguela Raimundo /de Barcelona/ Emperatriz de toda España., Berengaria of Barcelona //

  • Born 6 June 1116 - Barcelona, Barcelona, Aragon, Spain
  • Deceased 9 February 1148 - Palencia, Kingdom of Castile (Spain),aged 31 years old
  • Buried in 1148 - Santiago de Campostela, Kingdom of Galicia (Spain)


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Individual Note

=== Sources: RC 52, 70, 86, 94; AF; A. Roots ===
Sources: RC 52, 70, 86, 94; AF; A. Roots; Kraentzler 1067, 1086, 1091. RC: Saldana, Berengeria of Barcelona. First wife of Alfonso VII. K: Berenguela Raimundo/Raimunda.
=== Life Sketch ===
Berenguela or Berengaria of Barcelona (1116-January 15, 1149) was Queen consort of Castile, León and Galicia. She was the daughter of Raimon III of Barcelona and Dulce Aldonza Milhaud. Berenguela was the sister of Ramon Berenguer IV who was the ruler of the Kingdom of Aragon.

On November 10/17 1128 in Saldaña, Berengaria married Alfonso VII, King of Castile, León and Galicia. Their children were:

1.) Sancho III of Castile (1134-1158)

2.) Ramon, living 1136, died in infancy

3.) Ferdinand II of León (1137-1188)

4.) Constance (c. 1138-1160), married Louis VII of France

5.) Sancha (c. 1139-1179), married Sancho VI of Navarre

6.) García (c. 1142-1145/6)

7.) Alfonso (c. 1144-1149)

In her lifetime a new political entity was formed in the northeast Iberian Peninsula: Portugal seceded from León in the west, giving more balance to the Christian kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula. Her brother Ramon Berenguer successfully pulled Aragon out of its pledged submission to Castile, aided no doubt by the beauty and charm of his sister Berengaria, for which she was well known in her time.

Her niece Dulce of Aragon married Sancho I of Portugal, whilst her famous granddaughter was Queen Berengaria of England.

She died in Palencia, and was buried at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

«b»Appearance and Character«/b»
"She was a very beautiful and extremely graceful young girl who loved chastity and truth and all God-fearing people."
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BERENGUELA de Barcelona ([1116]-Palencia 15/31 Jan 1149, bur Santiago de Compostela, Cathed
=== aka Berengaria. Daughter of the Conde d ===
aka Berengaria. Daughter of the Conde de Barcelona, Ramon BerenguerIV. She was Queen of Castile, and married in 1128 to Alfonso VII of Leonand Castile. She helped defend Toledo against the Moors in 1139. Wasfamous for her beauty.
Bérengère de Barcelone (1108-1149)
Bérengère de Barcelone (Barcelone 1108 - Palencia 1149), devint reine consort de León, de Castille (1126-1149) et de Galice par son mariage avec le roi Alphonse VII de Castille

Elle était la fille de
=== My PAF Notes ===
from, 2/2009:
Berengaria de Provence1
F, #113325, d. 3 February 1149
Berengaria de Provence|d. 3 Feb 1149|p11333.htm#i113325|Raimond Berengar III, Conde de Barcelona|b. 11 Nov 1080\nd. Jul 1130|p11333.htm#i113326|Douce de Provence||p383.htm#i3821|Raimond B. I., Conde de Barcelona|d. 6 Dec 1082|p383.htm#i3822|Maud Guiscard|d. a 1111|p383.htm#i3823|Gilbert, Comte de Provence|d. bt 1107 - 1112|p383.htm#i3825|Gerberge de Provence|d. a 3 Feb 1112|p383.htm#i3826|
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Berengaria de Provence was the daughter of Raimond Berengar III, Conde de Barcelona and Douce de Provence .1 She married Alfonso VII, Rey de Castilla , son of Raimond, Duc de Bourgogne and Urraca, Reina de Castilla , in 1128.1 She died on 3 February 1149.
Children of Berengaria de Provence and Alfonso VII, Rey de Castilla
Sanchia de Castilla + d. 5 Aug 11792
Fernando II, Rey de León + b. bt 1128 - 1149, d. 21 Jan 11883
Sancho III, Rey de Castilla + b. c 1134, d. 31 Aug 11583
Constanza de Castilla + b. a 1140, d. 11603
[S16 ] Jirí Louda and Michael MacLagan, Lines of Succession: Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe, 2nd edition (London, U.K.: Little, Brown and Company, 1999), table 45. Hereinafter cited as Lines of Succession.
[S16 ] Louda and MacLagan, Lines of Succession, table 46.
[S16 ] Louda and MacLagan, Lines of Succession, table 47.
=== Rainha consorte de Leão e de Castela (11 ===
Rainha consorte de Leão e de Castela (1126-1149).
=== Berengar, Berenguela of Barcelona Died: ===
Berengar, Berenguela of Barcelona Died: FEB 1149, Palencia Father: Berengar, Raymond Borrell III Barcelona, Count of Barcelona Married 1128, Saldana to Raimúndez, Alfonso VII the Emperor, Count of Castile Child 1: , Sancho III of Castile, King of Castile, b. 1134 Child 2: , Ferdinand II of León, King of León, b. 1137 Child 3: , Sancha (Beatrice) of Castile Child 4: , Constance of Castile, b. AFT 1140 Child 5: , Garcia of Castile, Infant of Castile, b. BEF MAR 1142 Child 6: , Alfonso of Castile, Infant of Castile, b. AFT 1144
=== !Chart #303, 305, 320 and 306 ROYAL ANCE ===
!Chart #303, 305, 320 and 306 ROYAL ANCESTORS by Michel Call

-- GEDCOM (INDI) --1 CAST Casa de Barcelona


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Ramón Berenguer III il Grande de Barcelona, Count of Barcelona Girona and Ausona; Duc de Provence; Marquis of Barcelona; Count of Provence 1082-1131 Dulcia I De Heiress of Provence Gévaudan 1095-1130

Berenguela De Barcelona 1116-1148