MARIE, marie


  • A
    • sosa ADAM †1626, married to thomas PESNEL.
    • sosa ALEXANDRE , married to nicolas CAMPION.
  • B
    • sosa BACHELEY , married to justin DUMOUCHEL.
    • sosa BARAILLE, married to etienne LOIRAUD in 1786.
    • sosa BASIL 1590, married to rolland PICOLLAU.
    • sosa BAUDAIN , married to germain LEBLOND.
    • sosa BAUDAIN , married to jean CERTAIN.
    • sosa BEAUCOUSIN, married to pierre FOURAY.
    • sosa BERTHOMMIER 1721, daughter of sylvain and marie LAVAULT, married to leobon LOIRAUD in 1745.
    • sosa BONNEMAIN 1681-1760, daughter of jean and marie VILLOT, married to jean LE COURTOIS in 1702.
    • sosa BOQUILLOU 1627-1667, married to yvon LE TROUMAGUET in 1653.
    • sosa BORDIER 1675, daughter of pierre and françoise CHARDON, married to françois PENOT in 1703.
    • sosa BOUGET 1688-1740, daughter of yves dit le vieux LE BOUGET and yvonne LE BOUDER, married to philippe OMNES in 1713.
    • sosa BOURGOIS 1694-1717, daughter of jean and MARGUERITE BELLET, married to rené DERENNE.
    • sosa BRACQUEMONT (DE) 1340-, daughter of renaud ( renault ) and n X, married to jean SUHARD DE MONFREVILLE, jean DE BERTHENCOURT.
    • sosa BRIENNE (DE) †1328, married to henri III D'ARVAUGOUR in 1283.
    • sosa BRION 1638-1698, married to andre DORIEN.
    • sosa BRISAY ou DU BRISOY (DU) , daughter of guilleaume and eugenie N, married to samson GREARD.
  • C
    • sosa CADIOU 1618, married to nn CONSTANTIN.
    • sosa CALLEC 1640, daughter of yvon and renée BONIEC, married to guillaume ROUZAULT in 1665.
    • sosa CALLEC, married to guillaume ROUZAULT in 1666.
    • sosa CAMBASSEDES 1740-1808, daughter of JACQUES and marie PIBAROT, married to jean TRIAIRE in 1765.
    • sosa CANOVILLE 1742-1795, daughter of philippe and marie LE MAROIS, married to pierre COSNEFROY in 1762.
    • sosa CARLE ca 1645, married to pierre ESPAZE.
    • sosa CERTAIN , daughter of jean and marie BAUDAIN, married to clair,mechidor;esprit LEBLOND.
    • sosa COLVE 1604, daughter of guillaume and anne CALLEC, married to jean LE GESCLOU in 1629.
    • sosa CONAN, married to françois CARIOU.
    • sosa CONSTANTIN 1638-1710, daughter of nn and marie CADIOU, married to louis LE HOUEROU in 1656.
    • sosa COULET, daughter of louis and jeanne CABANIS, married to jacques MASSAL in 1666.
    • sosa COUTOIS , married to nicolas FEREY.
    • sosa CUCU, married to pierre BOURDON.
  • D
  • E
    • sosa ESPAZE, daughter of pierre and marie CARLE, married to pierre PIBAROT in 1645.
  • F
    • sosa FLEURY, married to jean BELLEBARBE.
    • sosa FREGIERE 1618-1658, daughter of andre and marguerite VAUTIER, married to gabriel LA TIRE in 1639.
    • sosa FRESVILLE (DE) , daughter of robert and jacqueline DE LAHAYE, married to jean Ier sir de claids DE THIEUVILLE DE GUEHEBERT in 1424.
  • G
    • sosa GAUQUELIN 1641-1726, married to jacques MARCHE.
    • sosa GELDON 1720-1783, daughter of barthelemy and louise DOLLO, married to louis LE MAT in 1745.
    • sosa GODIN 1655-1721, daughter of jean and thomine LE GUILLOU, married to françois LE POLOZEC in 1691.
    • sosa GOUEL, married to jean DORIEN in 1693.
    • sosa GOUNOT †1756, daughter of silvain and JEANNE DELAUSINE ou DELOSINE, married to julien GIRAUD.
    • sosa GUILLERMIC †1661, married to charles LE TANAUF in 1645.
  • H
    • sosa HAMIER, married to anthoine HEUZE.
    • sosa HARDOUIN 1676-1754, daughter of julien and françoise DURUEL, married to thomas PESNEL in 1696.
    • sosa HEBERT 1643-1694, daughter of pierre and jeanne PORTAIS, married to jean LE NORMAND in 1683.
    • sosa HEMELIN, daughter of simon, married to jean DUMONTIER.
    • sosa HERVE, married to philippe RICHARD in 1625.
    • sosa HERVIEU 1601-1686, married to louis DENIS.
    • sosa HESBERT , married to jehan HEBERT.
    • sosa HUE , married to pierre le jeune RIQUELINE.
  • J
    • sosa JAMES 1701-1781, daughter of jean and françoise MARTIN, married to jacques LANGLOIS in 1738.
    • sosa JEANNE /1591-1651/, married to justin augustin LADVOUE.
    • sosa JOSSET 1644-1711, daughter of pierre and gratienne GRISEL, married to guillaume PESNEL in 1663.
    • sosa JOURDAIN 1628, daughter of germain lépinochier and guillemette LAURENCE, married to jean ADAM in 1655.
  • K
    • sosa KEREMBORGNE (DE), daughter of merrien and n XX, married to alain DE LA LANDE.
    • sosa KERIVOAL 1580, daughter of jean and anne L'HEREEC, married to guillaume LOGIOU in 1605.
  • L
    • sosa LABBE †1693, daughter of robert and marguerite AUVRAY, married to richard FEREY in 1662.
    • sosa LACOSTE 1740-1786, daughter of jacques "joseph" and gabrielle ou marguerite GAYAUD, married to nicolas DUNET in 1792.
    • sosa LAGET 1675, daughter of jean and louise TESSIER, married to jacques CAMBASSEDES in 1703.
    • sosa LAVANDIER 1592-1660, married to nicolas OBRY.
    • sosa LAVAULT 1680-1741, daughter of charles and SILVINE DECAMPS, married to sylvain BERTHOMMIER.
    • sosa LAY, married to guillemin AMIOT.
    • sosa LE BRUN 1642-1707, married to jan THELEBY.
    • sosa LE CARZER 1608, married to lancelot MORVAN.
    • sosa LE CARZER , married to lancelot MORVAN.
    • sosa LE CHALONNY 1600-1671, married to jean MATOZREC in 1622.
    • sosa LE CHASTELEN 1583..1618-1638/, married to yves LE ROUX.
    • sosa LE CLECH, married to yvon YRAN.
    • sosa LE CLECH, married to yves OMNES.
    • sosa LE COURS 1630-1689, daughter of jean and françoise LE GELDON, married to guillaume CALLEC.
    • sosa LE COURS 1630-1683, daughter of jan and françoise LE GELDON, married to guillaume CALLEC in 1666.
    • sosa LE COZ 1634-1674, married to barthelemy LE POLOZEC in 1643.
    • sosa LE GELDON 1625-1695, married to allain OLLIVIER.
    • sosa LE GENDRE 1620-1689, daughter of jean and catherine LE PREUX, married to phillippe LE NORMAND in 1642.
    • sosa LE GOFF 1520-1582, married to guillaume CHERMAT.
    • sosa LE LOADER 1682, daughter of françois and françoise NICOL, married to jean UNVOAS in 1704.
    • sosa LE MAROIS, married to philippe CANOVILLE in 1731.
    • sosa LE MEN 1604-1674, married to jean CORREC in 1626.
    • sosa LE MERCIER 1764-1802, daughter of henry and catherine yvonne LE FURE ' LE FAO ' LESANFAO, married to jean GUILLOU in 11784.
    • sosa LE MERLE 1639-1703, daughter of guillaume and renée STEUFFNOU, married to claude KERDUEL.
    • sosa LE MOINE, married to louis DAVID in 1701.
    • sosa LE NATUR 1714-1745, daughter of yves and anne LE MOAL, married to joseph CORREC in 1730.
    • sosa LE NEPVEU /1689-1738/, daughter of richard and anne LUCAS, married to pierre LE JUEZ.
    • sosa LE PARQUIER 1709-1772, daughter of louis and CATHERINE BEZU, married to vincent congar in 1729.
    • sosa LE PARQUIER 1701-1772, married to vincent CONGAR in 1728.
    • sosa LE PENNEC 1683-1759, married to toussaint le guern.
    • sosa LE POLOZEC †1890, daughter of jean and marie françoise LE MAT, married to yves LE GUILLOUS in 1849.
    • sosa LE ROUVILLOIS, daughter of françois and anne ESCOLIVET, married to jean FEUARDENT in 1683.
    • sosa LE ROUX 1634-1704, daughter of yves and marie LE CHASTELEN, married to claude GOURCHANT.
    • sosa LE SON 1683-1760, daughter of jean and anne LE TIEC, married to jacques HENRY in 1708.
    • sosa LEBRUN 1600, married to pierre GALLET in 1620.
    • sosa LEFEBURE, married to françois DESPERROIS.
    • sosa LELIEVRE, married to jean VAUQUELIN.
  • M
    • sosa MAGATEL 1642, daughter of juan and martine LE PAGE, married to rolland LE GALLIC in 1663.
    • sosa MARCHE 1661-1688, daughter of jacques and marie GAUQUELIN, married to louis DUHAMEL in 1705.
    • sosa MASSAL 1668, daughter of jacques and marie COULET, married to andre PIBAROT in 1796.
    • sosa MISERE, married to marin VERGER.
    • sosa MOISY, married to françois CANOVILLE.
  • N
  • O
    • sosa OMNES 1763-1826, daughter of guillaume and françoise LE TRIVIDIC, married to guillaume CONGAR in 1783.
  • P
    • sosa PENOT 1704-1775, daughter of françois and marie BORDIER, married to alexis GOBET.
    • sosa PIBAROT 1702, daughter of andre and MARIE MASSAL, married to JACQUES CAMBASSEDES in 1731.
    • sosa PICOT 1643, married to daniel LE GOUEZ.
    • sosa PIPET 1570-1648, daughter of pierre and n X, married to pierre PASQUIER in 1590.
    • sosa PORTALES 1704-1752, daughter of pierre and gracie portales, married to jean TRIAIRE in 1726.
    • sosa PRIGENT 1601-1681, married to françois LE GUEVEL in 1626.
    • sosa PRIGENT 1595-1668, married to jean CHERMAT in 1612.
  • R
    • sosa REILHAN ?1578-ca 1631, daughter of jacques and catherine CASTANET, married to sauveur ANGLIVIEL in 1588.
    • sosa REMOND, married to guillaume PICQUE in 1635.
    • sosa ROUXEL, married to jacques LEBLOND.
  • S
    • sosa SAINT 1602, daughter of JEHANNE SAINT, married to chardin DUHAMEL.
    • sosa SAMSON, daughter of etienne and jeanne POTIQUET, married to LOUIS DAVID.
    • sosa SANSON 1606-1684, married to geoffroy PESNEL in 1639.
  • T
    • sosa TANGUY 1604-1669, married to louys KERDUEL in 1631.
    • sosa TASSEL, married to guillaume KERNIVINEN.
    • sosa THELEBY 1678-1714, daughter of jan and marie LE BRUN, married to jan, KERDUEL in 1705.
    • sosa TROUDE , married to louis LE NORMAND.
  • V
    • sosa VACHER †1680, married to jean LE LOUSSEC in 1634.
    • sosa VASLIER 1681-1771, daughter of etienne and catherine MOIREAU, married to etienne GOBET in 1704.
    • sosa VAUVRAY 1700-1768, daughter of georges and suzanne PASQUIER, married to jean jacques MAUQUEST in 1723.
    • sosa VERGER, daughter of marin and marie MISERE, married to françois BONNEL.
    • sosa VILLOT /1662-ca 1702, married to jean BONNEMAIN in 1682.
  • X
    • sosa X 1570-1630, married to iacques HEBERT.
  • Y
    • sosa YRAN 1745-1785, daughter of jean and jeanne LE TROUMAGUET, married to françois UNVOAS in 1771.
  • b
    • sosa baté batel 1727-1792, daughter of françois BATE BATEL and françoise GUENOT GUENNOTTE, married to pierre cavelier in 1754.
  • g
    • sosa goelou 1714-1780, daughter of yves GOELOU and anne LE QUERE, married to guillaume LE FURE ' LE FAO ' LESANFAO.
  • m
    • sosa martin, married to fulcrand salvan ANGLIVIEL.

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