M Hugues de Tours (von Sundgau) le Timide

Sosa :34,445,337,922
(Hugues de Tours (von Sundgau) III)
(Huguesde Tours (von Sundgau))

  • Born in 775 - Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France
  • Deceased 20 October 837 - Monza, Italie,aged 62 years old
  • Buried 9 November 846 - Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France
  • Count of Upper Alsace (Sundgau), Duke of Alsace, Comte de Tours, Ambassadeur to Constantinople, Count of Tours, Count of Sens, Duke of Locate, graaf van Tours, hoveling


 Spouses and children


Individual Note


Cause: Maladie

Family Note

Marriage with Ava Aba de Morvois

Puoliso: Hugues "the Timid" von Sundgau, count of Tours


  • Individual: Alexandre Grapin - Grapin Web Site (Smart Match)

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 Family Tree Preview

sosa Luitfrid d'Alsace ca 700-767 sosa Hiltrude de Wormsgau ca 720-ca 760 sosa Robert de Wormsgau 730-807 sosa Chiltrude de Bavière ca 760-ca 789

sosa Luitfrid de Sundgau ca 745-802 sosa Hiltrude de Wormsgau ca 740-ca 830

sosa Hugues le Timide de Tours (von Sundgau) 775-837