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This database is the result of over 30 years of my research. I am now an attorney; in the past, I spent two years as a librarian at a local LDS Family History Center. For direct-line ancestors, and for all descendants of any of my great-great grandparents, all information has been proven by me. However, like most genealogists, some of the information in this database is not the result of my own research of primary records, but rather the result of someone else claiming that the information is correct. Nota bene: If you contact me asking for more information, do TWO things: (1) Give exact names, dates, and locatations, remembering that women are always named by their maiden names. (2) Say "please" and "thank you," and comprehend that this database is the result of thousands of hours of my work and that saying "please" and "thank you" is appropriate.

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