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If your family tree contains one of my "SOSA" persons, pleaselet me know.
I'm interested to know who is direclty related and member of thegeneanet family.
I'd be glad to exchange the necessairy information for completingboth our family trees.

All dates with "circa" are "best-guess" dates in order to placethe person/event in a certain time line.

  • Deceased 29 April 1669 (Monday) - Tielen, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • H.Geestmeester, Schepen


  • Joannes Cornelis, deceased 17 August 1625 (Sunday) - Tielen, Antwerpen, Belgium,

    Married about 1598 to
  • Gertrudis Loots, deceased 21 September 1648 (Monday) - Tielen, Antwerpen, Belgium



Individual Note

Beroep: H.Geestmeester(Source: Gedcom - GDC Danny Matthé "mirrith2007")

Beroep: Schepen(Source: Gedcom - GDC Danny Matthé "mirrith2007")


  • Individual: Gedcom - GDC Danny Matthé "mirrith2007"
    Gedcom - GDC Danny Matthé "mirrith2007"
  • Death: Gedcom - GDC Danny Matthé "mirrith2007"

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Joannes Cornelis †1625 Gertrudis Loots †1648

Adrianus Cornelis †1669