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 Anne Marguerite


  • A
    • AMAYENC 1759-1789, daughter of Jean Joseph and Marie RICOUX
    • AMAYENC 1755-1790, daughter of Pierre and Benoite BONTOUX, married to Claude ETIENNE in 1775, Claude AMAYON in 1787
    • AMAYENC, daughter of Charles and Marie BERNARD, marriage contract with Claude BERNARD in 1690
    • AUBERT 1688-1760, daughter of Saturnin and Marguerite AUBERT, married to Pierre SALLIER in 1708
  • B
    • BERNARD 1817-, with Pierre CABASSE
  • C
    • sosa CHABRAN, daughter of Jean and Catherine LAUGIER, married to Jean NIVIERE in 1685
    • COQUIBUS, with Jean Charles ASTIER
    • CORBON 1746-, daughter of Joseph and Anne CARLE
    • sosa CROUZON 1732-, daughter of Adrien and Thérèse HUGOLIN, married to Jean Louis LAFONT in 1748
    • CROZAT, daughter of Henry and Marie Anne BERGER, married to Pons BRACHET in 1701
  • D
    • sosa DECES 1663-1703, with Gaspard ARSAC
    • DECORY 1742-, daughter of Jean and Élisabeth GUIGUES, married to Louis BONNETY in 1763
  • F
    • FORBIN (de) ca 1524-, daughter of Claude and Helionne de MEYRAN, married to Pierre II de GANTES in 1540
    • FORTIA de PILES (de) †1767, with Gaspard d'AGOULT d'OLLIÈRES
    • FOURNILLIER 1772-1824, daughter of André and Marie Thérèse MASSE, with Jean Augustin SIBOUR
  • H
    • HONNORAT, daughter of Antoine and Isabeau MAGNANDY, married to Jean Baptiste SPITALIER in 1733
  • L
    • sosa LAFONT 1763-1840, daughter of Jean Louis and Anne Marguerite CROUZON, married to Victor ROUSSET in 1796
    • LOUBON 1723-1741, daughter of Louis and Françoise ROUSSET
  • R
    • ROCHE 1694-1779, daughter of Joseph and Anne PASCAL, married to Joseph VITALIS in 1716
  • T
    • TEISSEIRE 1774-, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marguerite Élisabeth GERIN
    • TEYSSIER, with Esprit MAGNANDY
  • V
    • VENEL ca 1810-1895, daughter of Pierre and Élisabeth AMAYEN
    • VINTIMILLE d'OLLIOULES (de) ca 1620-, daughter of Madelon de VINTIMILLE d'OLLIOULES de MARSEILLE and Louise de CORIOLIS, with Jean Baptiste de VALBELLE-TOURVES