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  • A
    • AGUILLA, with Marguerite SUBE
    • AMAYENC 1583-, son of Jean, married to Lucrèce GAUTIER in 1613, Honorade MAGAUD in 1624
    • AUBERT †/1746, with Louise LARDEYRET
    • AVON, son of François and Lucrèce MARTIN, married to Magdeleine MONIER in 1700
  • B
    • BLANC, son of André and Françoise PERRIN, married to Élisabeth PINATEL in 1689
    • BONFILLON †1527/, son of Jean and Béatrice VESIAN, with Isabelle RIGORD
    • BONNASSE ca 1570-, with Marguerite IMBERT
    • BOURGES 1764-1831, son of Raphaël Joseph and Dorothée PONS, married to Rosalie MARTIN in 1788
    • BOURGES, with Magdeleine BOURGES
  • C
  • D
    • DESORGUES, son of Jean and Anne LUZEL, married to Alix ROMAN in 1680
  • G
  • L
    • LOUBON †/1715, with Claire BLANC
  • M
    • MAGAUD, son of Jean and Honorade BONIFACE, married to Louise BOYER in 1606
    • MAGNAN, with Marie CHASSAUD
    • MARTEL /1600-ca 1630, son of Joseph and Marguerite BONNEFOY, married to Françoise MICHEL in 1620
    • MAYEN, married to Marie GRAS in 1845
  • O
  • P
    • PONTEVÈS (de) ca 1385-1411, son of Bérenger and Catherine de BARRAS, with Inconnue de MEVOUILLON
  • R
    • ROUGIER 1857-1926, son of Lazare Pierre and Virginie Christine ARNAUD
    • ROUGIER 1802-, son of Honoré and Magdeleine Jeanne GARCIN, married to Rose Marguerite AUBERT in 1826
  • T
    • sosa TAMISIER, son of Jacques and Borga BERAUD, married to Claude RIPERT in 1469
  • V
    • VALAVOIRE (de) †/1534, son of Antoine and Marguerite de VILLENEUVE, with Anne de RODULF