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  • ALBERTAS (d') †1590/, married to Vincent de FORBIN LA FARE in 1527
  • AMALRIC, with Mathieu CABROL
  • AMAYENC ca 1784-, daughter of Michel and Madeleine ANDRIEU, married to Pierre ANDRE in 1801
  • ARÈNE ca 1801-1875, daughter of André and Marie VENTRE, with Joseph Paul Coudier ARÈNE
  • CHASTAN, with François AILHAUD
  • CLEMENT, with Laurent Louis Frédéric CHARPIN
  • DAUMAS ca 1821-, married to Pierre AMAYON in 1842
  • JAUME, with Julien MAYEN
  • MARION ca 1755-1801, daughter of Louis and Marie Anne BARGÈS, married to Jean Joseph Hyacinthe COULOMB in 1771
  • MARQUAND 1784-, daughter of Jacques and Marie Anne COUREL, married to Paul Honoré GIRAUD in 1806
  • PAUL 1778-, married to François MAYEN in 1801
  • POUJADE 1851-, daughter of Pierre and Marie Anne GARREJAT
  • REYNIER 1834-, daughter of Jean Pierre and Élisabeth BERTHET, married to Alexandre BREMOND in 1857
  • SILVESTRE, daughter of Claude and Jacquette LAMIRAL, married to François BESANÇON in 1704
  • VITON, married to Jean CHAMBERLAN in 1781