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  • ANDRE, married to Honorade GUICHARD in 1639
  • ARNAUD, with Anne ABEILLE
  • ARRIGA 1879-, married to Joseph LOUBON in 1901
  • AVRIL 1724-1790, son of André and Claude BONNEL, married to Claire ESTABLET in 1750
  • BAUGEAN ca 1738-, son of Jean Baptiste and Catherine FERNET, married to Marguerite CHAUSSEGROS in 1762
  • BELEOUD 1778-1839/, son of Antoine and Anne ROUX, married to Marie Rose ROSTAND in 1803
  • CHENEVIER, with Rose GRAS
  • DURANTI (de) 1559-1626, son of Jean DURANTI and Marguerite de LOPIS de LA FARE
  • FABRE 1688-, son of Annibal and Jeanne PASCALY, married to Suzanne FABRE in 1717
  • FABRE, son of Jean and Marguerite IMBERT, married to Claudia VIAN ? in 1766
  • FAUQUE, with Marguerite MOURET
  • MICHEL, son of Jacques and Jeanne MAURIN, married to X GUIRAN in 1559
  • MICHEL, son of Claude Cogoulon and Catherine BLANC, married to Jeanne VALENTIN in 1643
  • REBOUL Jérôme Villefort
  • RICARD 1642-, son of Étienne and Claire JULIEN, married to Élisabeth BAUDOIN in 1665
  • SAUVESTRE 1627-, son of Mathieu and Françoise CAMOIRAN
  • SICARD 1668-/1758, son of Benoit and Marguerite MUSSE, with Anne Marie BERTRAND, Gabrielle CORNIER, Catherine GAROUTE in 1724
  • TIAN †ca 1659, son of André and Germaine HONORADE, with Anne GOUME