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 Marie Claire


  • A
    • AMAYENC 1783-, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Honorade BONNET
    • ASTIER 1720-1774, daughter of Antoine and Claire GRUET, married to Jean Gaspard GOYRAND in 1743
    • sosa AUBERT †1769/, daughter of Jean and Marie MAISTRE, married to Pierre CHABRIEL in 1743
    • AUDIFFREN, with Jean Joseph Napoléon MOUTTE
  • B
    • BAILLE 1786-1813, married to Jean Baptiste MAYEN in 1806
    • BARBAROUX 1748-, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Clère LEYDIER
    • BEAUDUN, with Jean Baptiste FAUDON
    • BERNARD 1770-1850..1884, married to Joseph Valentin CASTEL in 1818
    • BOURNAT 1858-1943, daughter of François Joseph Caliste and Louise Armande Elodie AUBE, married to Marie Ferdinand Léon BONNASSE in 1877
    • BREGUET †1830, with Denis Constant MASSY
    • BRET 1822-, daughter of Jean François and Thérèse BUISSON, married to Joseph Marius REYNOARD in 1843
  • C
    • CHABERT, married to Jean EYNAUD in 1740
    • CHABRIEL 1747-1750, daughter of Pierre and Marie Claire AUBERT
    • CORDEIL, with Louis Eutrope TASSY
  • D
    • sosa DEPRAD, daughter of Pierre and Marie GRAVIER, married to Joseph BARRY in 1772
  • E
    • ESTUBLIER 1768-1821..1860, married to Jean Antoine REYMOND in 1795
  • F
    • FASENDE, married to Joseph Bruno EMPERAIRE in 1770
  • G
    • GIGNAC 1767-1822/, daughter of Pierre and Marie SACOMAN, married to Marie Joseph François CAILLOL in 1822
    • sosa GUIBERT 1790-1860, daughter of Lazare and Marie Thérèse GUEIRARD, married to Joseph Laurent MOUTTE in 1809
  • L
    • LOUBON 1781-/1844, daughter of Joseph and Magdelaine PINET, married to Jean Joseph GIRAUD in 1801
    • LOUBON 1749-, daughter of Ange and Anne BARLE
  • M
    • MAILLET, married to Joseph EYNAUD in 1787
    • MAYEN 1801-, daughter of Jean Paul and Claire Anastasie ARBAUD, married to Jean Honoré Pascal LAUGIER in 1823
    • sosa MOININ, with Ambroise ROUX
    • MOUTTE 1817-, daughter of Jean Clément and Marie Anne Marceline BIGAUD
    • MOUTTE 1746-1748, daughter of Balthazar and Thérèse CABASSON
  • P
    • PARET, daughter of Félix and Élisabeth PARET, married to Antoine Pierre PARET in 1792
  • R
    • RAYMONDIS 1760-, daughter of Jean de RAYMONDIS and Marguerite de BARBARIN, married to Joseph Auguste Eugène RICARD in 1795
    • ROCHEBRUN, with Antoine CANTON
    • ROUBAUD 1765-, daughter of Jean Pierre and Catherine TARTONNE
    • ROUMIEU ca 1799-1875, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Claire Françoise IMBERT, married to Jean François TAVAN in 1823, Antoine JOUVE
  • S
    • SICARD ca 1775-1846, daughter of Jean Joseph and Anne DOUSSOULIN, with Jean Honoré PRÉBOIST