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 Marie Françoise


  • A
    • AMAYEN 1800-1806, daughter of Jean Antoine AMAYENC and Marie Marguerite ROMAN
    • AMAYENC 1784-, daughter of Jean François and Félicité MOTET
  • B
    • sosa BARRY 1778-1834, daughter of Joseph and Marie Claire DEPRAD, married to François Michel BREMOND in 1796
    • BEAU 1725-, daughter of Pierre and Suzanne Andrienne LAMERAN
    • BONDIL 1745-, daughter of Joseph and Delphine JAUFFRET
    • BOUVIER 1825-, daughter of Joseph Honoré and Élisabeth CHARRASSE, married to Étienne Charles ROUSSET in 1844
    • BRET 1809-, daughter of Jean François and Thérèse BUISSON, married to François DECORY in 1830
    • BRET 1783-, daughter of Joseph and Jeanne DURAND, married to Jean Joseph Mary AUBERGIER in 1803
  • D
    • DECORY 1816-, daughter of Joseph Augustin and Rose Anne BREUGNE, married to Étienne Ferréol AMAYENC in 1841
  • E
  • G
    • GARNIER 1818-, daughter of Antoine Gabriel Victor and Marianne BLAIN, married to Charles Martin PONSON in 1834
    • GERMAIN 1822-, daughter of Jean Joseph Louis and Marie Thérèse Antoinette BONIFAY, married to Antoine LOUBON in 1850
    • GIRAUD 1811-, married to Jean André AMAYENC in 1831
  • H
    • HEYRIES ca 1776-, daughter of Étienne and Marie AILLAUD, married to Louis Pascal DECORY in 1798
  • J
    • sosa JOURDAN 1750-1809, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Jeanne DANIEL, married to Jean André GINOYER in 1775
  • L
    • LAURIN 1820-1894, married to Joseph Vincent LEYDET in 1840
    • LOUBON 1785-1786, daughter of Alexandre Antoine and Marie Anne MARTIN
  • M
    • MARTIN 1725-, daughter of Michel and Luce MEILHURET, married to Jean COMTE in 1756
    • MAUDUECH 1775-, daughter of Jean Antoine and Marie Delphine SAUVE, married to Jean Joseph AMAYENC in 1796
    • MAYEN 1848-, daughter of Pierre Louis and Claire BLANC, married to Jean Baptiste Gustave GOUIRAN in 1869
    • MICHEL ca 1780-1835, with Louis MOUTTE
    • MOUTTE 1827-, daughter of Joseph Laurent and Marie Claire GUIBERT
  • S
    • SAVOIE (de), daughter of Claude, married to Georges de GRASSE DU MAS in 1415
    • SZABOL, married to Étienne BONDIL in 1835