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 Marie Louise


  • A
    • AMAYENC 1885-1885, daughter of Joseph Placide Romain and Marie Démétrie JULIEN
    • AMAYENC 1875-1875, daughter of Jean Auguste and Marie Constance BONDIL
    • AMAYENC 1864-1865, daughter of Joseph Louis and Marie Emilie CLEMENT
    • AMAYENC 1855-1860, daughter of Thomé Ou Thomas and Antoinette MOURANCHON
    • AMAYENC 1825-1879, daughter of Françoise AMAYENC, married to Jean AMAYENC in 1842
    • AMAYENC 1805-, daughter of François and Anne Madeleine Victoire FABRE
  • C
    • CHAMANT, with Jean Charles CAPAZZA
    • CHATEAUNEUF 1764-1764, daughter of Jean Joseph and Marie IMBERT
    • CLEMENT 1835-, daughter of Jacques and Marie Magdeleine Fortunée Catherine AUDIFFREN, married to Grégoire Silvestre GAIRARD in 1860
  • D
    • DECORY 1790-1790, daughter of Jean Pierre and Jeanne JOURDAN
  • G
    • GASC 1872-, daughter of Charles François and Marie Carissime GALINIER
    • GELIBERT (de), married to Balthazard d'ALBERT in 1522
    • GERMAIN..., married to Jean Joseph Napoléon MOUTTE in 1876
    • GRAS (DE) ca 1760-1832, daughter of Jean Louis and Anne Françoise SICARD, married to Honoré Auguste CASTAGNE in 1783
  • J
    • JOURDAN †/1811, married to Henri VALENTIN in 1784
  • L
    • LAUGIER 1883-, daughter of Georges and Marie LASERRE, with Jean Henri Evaliste SIER, Marcel BOSQ
    • LOUBON 1830-, daughter of Honoré Vincent Marius and Magdeleine Thérèse FRANC, married to Etienne Toussaint ESMIEU in 1852
  • M
    • MAYEN 1868-, daughter of Désiré and Marie AMOUROUX
    • MERCIER, married to Jean Georges CARBONEL in 1782
  • P
    • PIQUENOT 1906-2000, married to Claude François GAUDIN in 1933
    • POURCIN 1805-, daughter of Benoit Henri and Magdeleine Perrette Jacqueline FAVRE
    • PUYMIROL 1838-ca 1862, with Bernard Émile LOUBON
    • PY 1855-, daughter of Jean Louis and Catherine LAURENS
  • R
    • REYMOND 1860-, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie Magdeleine PATUREL, married to Edouard Philippe Clément AUTRAN in 1883
    • ROCHE, with Louis AZAN
    • ROUSSET 1830-, daughter of François and Françoise ROBIN
    • ROUX 1817-1895, daughter of Pierre François and Anne Catherine ARNOUX, married to Laurent SICARD in 1846
  • V