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 Catherine Rose

  • AURIOL 1830-, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Marie MAFFRE
  • BOEUF, daughter of Dominique and Jeanne ROUBAUD, married to Pierre CARTEROT in 1760
  • BOREL 1801-1845, daughter of Dominique and Marie PHILIBERT, married to Iréné Isidore AMAYENC in 1826
  • CHAULAN †1809/, daughter of François and Blanche PAGET, married to Joseph ACHARD in 1750
  • GIONO 1847-, daughter of Pierre Antoine and Angèle Marie ASTEGIANO, married to Pierre BONINO in 1868
  • SAYE, with Michel JARJAYES
  • SOUCHEIRON 1716-1776, daughter of François and Catherine Anne GAUTIER, married to Joseph Ignace SOMIS in 1736