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Gebeurtenissen van de familie Verbrugge en familie Eijkemans


 Family Book

The tag "CONT" continues text on a new line
The tag "CONC" continues text without a space
user-defined tags:
Tag _WITH implies witnesses at a standard event (BIRT,CHR,DEAT,MARR,ORDI).
The value is a gedcom-foratted name, followed by REFN and then a @pointer@ to a person record.
Tag _AGE1 and _AGE2 are respectively ages of husband and wife in a relation-event.
Tag _TIT2 is a (noble) title to be placed in between given and lastname.
Tag _LMAR a type of marriage, like schepenbank.
Tag _UNHID: if Y then a person has given permission to be published.
Tag _HID: if Y then a person must not be published.
Tag _MAP: coordinates for an address (N and E).
Tag _LATI: coordinate for an address north of the equator.
Tag _LONG: coordinate for an address east of Greenwich.