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GENEALOGICAL DATABASE FOR VIEWING AND UPDATING BAKER-BLUMIN FAMILY TREE: Add a whole family line and the web pages automatically update instantly. The database is password protected. You make the updates, such as adding, modifying individuals and entire family lines, directly in the database through your browser. You modify the first name or the surname of a child, add a child in a family; send/delete an image. You can consult birthdays, anniversaries of dead people, anniversaries of marriage, statistics, history of updates, calendars, & post a message at the forum section. Find the person you want to modify, then select "update" on bottom right corner, then make your changes, and finally click on the "OK" button and your edit will be posted immediately. Chicago 2008. [email protected].

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Last update on 08/03/2011

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Michael BAKER (bakerblumin)

Family Tree Home Page | Reunion Pictures, 2004 | Published November 30, 2004.

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"Samuel" Hayes White

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"Michael" David Baker

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