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Welkom, welcome, bienvenue, willkommen. I'm very much interestedin villages and ancestors in the Alsace (specific Ferrette,Pfetterhouse, Bettendorf and Henflingen) and The Netherlands.Please contact me with questions or information on [email protected]. Thank you verymuch!

  • Born 14 November 1825 - Grentzingen (68960, Haut-Rhin, France)
  • Deceased 25 May 1888 - Grentzingen (68960, Haut-Rhin, France),aged 62 years old
  • , cultivateur


 Spouses and children



On the side of François Joseph LITZLER 1779-1860


Individual Note

Recensement de 1866 - Grentzingen
Jean LITZLER - cultivateur, chef de ménage - 40
Madeleine SCHERRER - sa femme - 46
Adèle LITZLER - leur fille - 13
Christine LITZLER - id. - 12
Thiebaut LITZLER - leur fils - 10
Thérèse LITZLER - leur fille - 7


  • Individual: Notariat d'Altkirch/4.Q.4 360 - 77 - 13 JUL 1858
    (A French document.)
    The following three parties sell:
    1. Jean SCHERRER, son of Morand, 'chapellier' (hat maker) and 'dame'
    Veronique WALTER, his wife, both living in Oberdorff.
    2. Meinrad SCHERRER, farmer in Oberdorff.
    3. Jean LITZLER, farmer and Madeleine SCHERRER, his wife from

    1) Section A no. 11-73. Sixteen ares (= 100 square metres) and 10
    centiares (= 1 square metre) fields 'Im Boden'; on one side Jean
    MUNCK, on the other side the inheritors of Antoine SCHMIDLIN, up- en
    downstairs 'sillons' (furrow). Sold to Jean KEY the young, farmer
    living in Henflingen for 65 francs.

    2) Section A no. 174. Eight ares and 15 centiares fields canton
    Witterweg, on one side the widow of Joseph LITZLER, on the other side
    the inheritors of Jean SCHMIDLIN, upstairs the road, downstairs
    'travers' (sideways?). Sold to Anne Marie SCHMIDLIN, widow of
    Banwarth (word striked) ECKES, without profession, living in
    Henflingen for 75 francs.

    3) Section A no. 362. Eleven ares and 15 centiares fields 'Hinten ein
    klein Eichholz' ('behind a little oakforrest') between Antoine
    SCHMITT and the widow of Joseph LITZLER. Sold to Fran?cois Joseph
    MUNCK the old, farmer in Henflingen for 165 francs.

    4) Section A no. 452. Fourteen ares and 85 centiares fields 'auf der
    Bach' on one side the inheritors of Meinrad SCHERRER on the other
    side Pierre LITZLER, upstairs the river, downstairs 'travers'. Sold
    to Fran?cois Joseph MUNCK the young, son of the mayor, farmer, living
    in Henflingen for 140 francs.

    5) Section A no. 1070. Ten ares and 15 centiaires fields 'im
    Steinacker' on one side George MUNCK, on the other side Joseph BAUR,
    up- and downstairs 'travers'. Sold to Jean JUNG, 'sieur de Long.....'
    with the integral guarantee of Laurent MULLER, farmer, both living in
    Henflingen, for 150 francs.

    6) Section B no. 234. Eleven ares and 83 centiaires fields canton
    Wuehren, between Meinrad SCHERRER and Fran?cois Joseph LITZLER, up-
    and downstairs 'travers'. Sold to Joseph BAUER, farmer in Henflingen
    for 115 francs.

    7) Section B no.381, Eleven ares and 55 centiares fields 'Zwischen
    den Grueben', on one side Joseph BAUER, on the other side Fran?cois
    Joseph MATTER, upstairs the forest, downstairs 'travers'. Sold to
    Fran?cois Joseph MATTER, farmer in Henflingen for 90 francs.

    8) Section A no. 726-727. Ten ares and 15 centiares land and wood,
    canton Rentzen Quertlen, on the one side Antoine SCHMITT, on the
    other side Jospeh BAUER, upstairs ditch, downstairs the road. Sold to
    Anne Marie WERNER, widow of Fran?cois Joseph LITZLER, living in
    Henflingen, for 245 francs.

    9) Section A no. 144. Thirteen ares and 73 centiares fields canton
    Renglisacker between the inheritors of Jean KEY and Anne Marie
    SCHMIDLIN, up- and downstairs 'sillons' (furrows). Sold to the befor
    mentioned Anne Marie SCHMIDLIN, widow of ECKES for 105 francs.

    Whitnesses were Jean Baptiste BERENZWILLER, porter and Fran?cois MERGY
    the old, farmer living in Hirsingue.

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 Family Tree Preview

Daniël LITZLER ca 1685-1755 Anne Marie STIERLIN 1694-1760 Jean Henri MERGI ca 1690-1757 Marguerite HARNIST 1704-1773    


| |  
Daniël LITZLER 1729-1786 Madeleine MERGI 1741-1805 François NIEFERGOLD ca 1763- Marie Anne ROTTNER ca 1765-


| |
François Joseph LITZLER 1779-1860 Marie Anne NIEFERGOLD 1790-1852

Jean LITZLER 1825-1888