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 Anetta N /Monsen/, Anna /Monsen/, Annette /Monsen/

  • Born 14 October 1864 - Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States
  • Deceased 6 July 1952 - Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States,aged 87 years old
  • Buried 9 July 1952 - Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States
  • Housewife


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Individual Note

Name Source: Utah, State, Death Certificates, Department of Health - Utah, State Department of Health, Certificate of Deathdeath certificate File no. (blank); Registrar's no. 17 (1966), Florence K. Monsen McIntosh mother is Annette E. Neilson
Name Source: Photograph - Utah, Sanpete, Mt Pleasant City Cemetery Grave Stones - Photographic collection of Beverly McIntosh Brown - N
Name Source: Utah, Sanpete, Mt. Pleasant. 1900 U.S. Census - 1900 U.S. census, \i\i0, Digital images - National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.T623, MT Pleasant, enumeration district (ED) 128, sheet 11A, p. 187, dwelling 223, family 226, Monsen, Anna E.

_CSTAT: Twin
From Carol Osburn: One time, when I was a young girl, I went from Payson, to Salt Lake to stay with my aunt and uncle. Uncle Ray's mother was visiting there from Mt. Pleasant. One night as I was coming out of my bedroom, I saw Grandma Monsen. She was dressed in a long, flannel nightgown and she had a nightcap on her head with strings that tied in a bow under her chin. She stepped out of her bedroom. She looked both ways (I am surprised she didn't see me). She tipped toed into the kitchen, opened the bread box and took out five or six slices of bread. She tipped toed back into her bedroom.
The next day I told my aunt about her mother-in-law and asked why she would take bead into her bedroom. Aunt Lucile said she didn't know, but she would find crumbs in the bed when she was making it in the morning. I wonder if the old lady didn't have enough food to eat as a child or something like that from her childhood. In the book it mentioned something about eating in bed and leaving crumbs in the bed and it brought this memory back.
Aunt Lucile was trying to cook dinner. She asked me if I would occupy Grandma Monsen. I told her I didn't know what to say to such an old person. "Ceil" told me to get Grandma to explain how she used to knit stockings back in the day when you had to make everything for your family. Grandma started telling me how many stitches to cast on for the ankle of the sock. Then she would proceed to verbally knit. When she would come to the part where the stocking turned at the heel, she would forget and start all over again at the top of the stocking. The third time she started over I ran from the room. I just couldn't take any more.
Grandma misplaced her cane. She was very upset and was certain someone had stolen it. Ceil asked me to help them look for the cane. It had been placed next to a door and when the door was opened, it hid the cane from view.
Ceil complained to me about how hard it was to have Grandma Monsen come for a visit because of her senility. Grandma would be going to the bathroom and she would get up and leave the bathroom while her body was still eliminating and doing its bodily functions.
It finally came time for our visit to end. Uncle Ray was dropping me off at Payson on his way to take his mother home to Mount Pleasant. We only got a short way from the house when Uncle Ray remembered something. He turned his car around and drove back home. Lucile came out to see why we were back so soon. Grandma Monsen said to my aunt Lucile: "Oh, Lucile. It is so good to see you. We are going to have such a nice visit!" Ray came out and we drove away. Pretty soon his mother said: "Look at those BIG mountains!!!" I have never seen such big mountains." She had probably seen those mountains a million times but didn't remember.
Lauren said Grandma Monsen was actually Swedish, while the Monsens were Danish. I can remember, as a little child, people telling about some Scandinavian delicacy she liked to make.

From Lauren Monsen: Poor old Grandma Monsen \emdash how sad that she suffered from senility in her last years. My dad remembered her as a sweet, kind lady with a very gentle disposition (something I think he inherited from her \emdash and my sister had the same natural sweetness).

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Nils Nilsson 1786-1858 Elsbeth Nilsdatter 1799-1847 Hans Akesson 1810-1839 Kjerstina Larsson 1810-1852

Nils Nilsson 1826-1885 Karna Hansson 1833-1920

Annette Elizabeth Neilson 1864-1952