Ceil /Monsen/, Lucile /Monsen/, Lucile /Tilson/

  • Born 18 June 1899 - Eureka, Juab, Utah, United States
  • Deceased 5 November 1990 - Silver Spring, Montgomery, Maryland, United States,aged 91 years old
  • Buried - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States


 Spouses and children


Individual Note

From Lauren Monsen: Let me just correct one small error: my grandmother, Lucile Tilson Monsen, lived to be 91 (not 93). Grandma was born in 1899 and died in 1990; her memorial service took place in 1991. (Bev, this is when I met you — at Grandma's memorial service in Salt Lake City.) Marsha, you're quite right that Grandma wished she had been born in 1900, instead of 1899. For this reason, she fibbed about her date of birth on her driver's license — she listed the year of her birth as 1900, so that no one would think she was a relic from the 19th century!

From Marsha Woodword: Aunt Lucile had slightly protruding teeth as a young woman, which I've only seen in photos, which somewhat detracted from her natural beauty, later she got extensive dental work such as caps, bridges, and perhaps later false teeth, which took care of it. Her winning personality and gift for making and keeping friends made this minor physical detraction melt away.


Address: Wasatch Lawn Mortuary & Memorial Park, 3401 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106-3316 USA, Wasatch Lawn Mortuary & Memorial Park
Address: Wasatch Lawn Mortuary & Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106-3316, USA
Address: Wasatch Lawn Mortuary & Memorial Park, There is also another location:, 13001 South 3600 West, Riverton, UT 84065, 801-253-2795
Phone: 801-466-8687

Family Note

Marriage with Raymond Joseph Monsen

They were married in the Salt Lake County Court House on 4 June 1917 and again on 6 June 1917 in the Salt Lake Temple.


  • Spouse:
    - Utah, State, Select County Marriages, 1887-1937 - "Utah, Select County Marriages, 1887-1937," database, ancestry.com - Raymond J. Monson and Lucile Tilson, both of Payson.
    - Utah, State, Select Marriages, 1887-1966 - "Utah, Select Marriages, 1887-1966," database, ancestry.com - Raymond J. Monson and Lucile Tilson, both of Payson.

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George Franklin Tilson 1868-1929 Chloe Ann Loveless 1877-1958

Grace Lucile Tilson 1899-1990