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 Joseph /Mogensen/

  • Born 1 May 1863 - Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States
  • Deceased 26 March 1932 - Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States,aged 68 years old
  • Buried - Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States
  • Cattle business


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On the side of Peter Mogensen 1830-1924



Individual Note

Name Source: Utah, State, Death Certificates, Department of Health - Utah, State Department of Health, Certificate of Deathdeath certificate File no. (blank); Registrar's no. 17 (1966), Florence K. Monsen McIntosh father is Joseph Moroni Monsen
Name Source: Utah, State, Death Certificates, Department of Health - Utah, State Department of Health, Certificate of Deathdeath certificate 02717; State File No 52200065; Registrats No 27 (1952), Annitte Elizabeth Mielson Monsen husband's name is Joseph M. Monsen

Occupation: cattle business
Source: Utah, History, Sanpete and Emery Counties - History of Sanpete and Emery Counties Utah with sketches of cities, towns and villages, chronology of important events. Records of Indian wars. Portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens - W.H. Lever - Ogden, Utah: Utah Genealogical Society, 1898. - Family History Library - Family History Library
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_STORY: @Y6@
From Lauren Monsen: In addition to owning sheep, horses and some cattle, Joseph Monsen was a lawman '97 a U.S. marshal '97 for many years. My dad told me that his grandfather once gathered a posse and chased Butch Cassidy, but never caught him. And Joseph Monsen knew one of Cassidy's old gang members, Matt Warner, who went "straight" and became a law-abiding citizen. (Cassidy, who was born Robert LeRoy Parker, was from southern Utah.)
My dad remembered that his grandfather, in his capacity as a U.S. marshal, wore a gunbelt. At night, when he went to bed, he would sling that gunbelt over the bedpost. Having guns in the bedroom made his wife, Annetta, nervous '97 according to my dad, his grandmother didn't like having that gunbelt in the house, but it was an emblem of her husband's civic responsibilities and it remained there as long as he was on duty (you may have seen an old photograph of Joseph Monsen, wearing a silver badge with the words "U.S. Marshal" stamped on it '97 I have a copy of that photo, courtesy of my Uncle Joe).
In addition to being a U.S. marshal, Joseph Monsen was also mayor of Mount Pleasant at one time.
You had mentioned a horse named Dolly that belonged to Joseph Monsen. My dad used to ride Dolly when he was a kid '97 in fact, I have a couple of photographs of him, at about three or four years of age, sitting on Dolly's back. And when my dad got a little older, he used to ride his grandfather's horses in the local races (his grandfather owned a few thoroughbreds, so my dad served as his jockey on several occasions).
Also, my dad told me that when he was a kid, he went swimming in a creek with his grandfather, and he spotted some criss-crossed scars on his grandfather's back. When he asked about the scars, his grandfather told him that he had been abducted by Indians as a child, and for the brief period he was in captivity, the Indians had whipped him (hence the scars). As soon as his father, Peter Monsen, realized that his son was missing, he rounded up several local men and rode off in pursuit of the Indians who had kidnapped his child. The Indians surrendered Joseph to his father, but by then, they had already mistreated him and he carried those scars on his back as a reminder of that episode. (Lauren Monsen)

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Lars Mogensen 1805-1854 Ane Christine Jensen 1807-1860 Christen Nielsen 1797-1854 Ane Andersdotter 1799-1873

Peter Mogensen 1830-1924 Dorthea Maria Neilsen Christensen 1835-1912

Joseph Moroni Monsen 1863-1932