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(Peter Mogensen Sr.)
 Peder /Mogensen/, Peter /Monsen/

  • Born 8 April 1830 - Rudkjöbing (Langeland)(Svendstrup), Fyns Amt, Denmark
  • Deceased 9 February 1924 - Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States,aged 93 years old
  • Buried 12 February 1924 - Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States
  • Farmer


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Name Source: Utah, Sons of Utah Pioneers Memorial Gallery Index Cards - database,, Provo, Utah, \i Sons of Utah Pioneers Memorial Gallery Index Cards\i0   - (2001)accessed 21 May 2004), Peter Mogensen Monsen & Dorthea Chri stensen; Anna Smith.Vital Records 001- 25 Jun 2008Name: Peter Mogensen Monsen, Spouse: Dorthea Christensen, Pioneer: before 1869,Birth Date: 08 Apr 1830, Death Date: 09 Feb 1924, Birth Place: Svendstrup, Denmark, Death Place: Mt. Pleasant, Utah, Donor: Anna SmithYES
The family changed their name from Mogensen to Monsen before Peter died.

In November 1855, Scandinavian Saints began traveling from Denmark to England, and from there to New York on the Ship «i»John J. Boyd,«/i» arriving on February 16, 1856. Emigration leaders divided the passengers into three groups that were sent variously to (1) Burlington, Iowa, (2) Alton, Illinois, and (3) St. Louis, Missouri. Most of these who went to Burlington and Alton remained in or near those places for a year or more working to earn enough to continue their journey. Those who went to St. Louis were able to continue on and made up the Scandinavian part of Peterson's company. Composed of about 320 Scandinavian and English Saints, the Canute Peterson Company left Florence, Nebraska Territory, on June 27. They traveled with about 60 ox-drawn wagons. The emigratns were mostly poor people of the laboring class. At first the company advanced only about four to six miles a day because some of the oxen were wild and some of the drivers were inexperienced. As their driving skills improved and the oxen bcame more gentle, they covered as much as 20 miles a day. Some of the oxen died from overheating, so the party had to lighten the loads in the wagons. The company held morning and evening instructional meetings, being called together by the blare of a bugle. They built a bridge to help in crossing Wood River. They were observed and visited by Indians to whom they gave foodstuffs and gifts in order to maintain friendly relations. On July 14 a herd of buffalo passed through their camp. On another occasion a buffalo stampede killed one young Danish man, injured others, and caused some of the oxen to rush together, smashing wagons and causing a delay. They celebrated the 24th of July by picnicking, listening to speeches, singing, and dancing. As the company neared Utah, it divided into smaller, more manageable groups. On September 15, Peterson's contingent was seen near Bear River. In Echo Canyon one of the wagons overturned but no one was hurt. Peterson's company straggled into Salt Lake over the course of several days between September 16-23. The bulk of the Danes arrived on September 20 and 22. There had been four deaths during the journey.

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 Family Tree Preview

Mogens Nielsen 1775-1836 Karen Johanson 1778-1854 Jens Pedersen  Christine Hansen

Lars Mogensen 1805-1854 Ane Christine Jensen 1807-1860

Peter Mogensen 1830-1924