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Sosa :805,444
7° Lord of Hamlake

  • Born about 1369 - Hamlake, Yorkshire, England
  • Deceased 1 September 1414 (Thursday) - Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire, England,aged about 45 years old


 Spouses and children



On the side of sosa Beatrix STAFFORD, born about 1341 - Tonbridge, Kent, England, deceased in April 1415 aged about 74 years old


Individual Note

Knight of the Garter. Lord Treasurer of England. Brother & Heir to John de Ros, aged 24 at his brother's death. Summoned to Parliament from 20 Nov 1394. According to Cockayne's "Complete Peerage", he was summoned to parliament regularly 1394-1413. He served on the Privy Councils of both Richard II and Henry IV. He was in Calais in 1396 for the wedding of Richard II to Isabelle, the 8 year old daughter of King Charles VI of France. This marriage was very unpopular with the English nobility and added to their discontent with the King's rule in general. In 1399, while Richard was on an expedition to Ireland, Henry Bolingbroke, the Duke of Lancaster (the future Henry IV), who had been banished by Richard, returned to England with an army to claim the throne for himself. William threw his support to Henry. He was present at the abdication of Richard and assented to his inprisonment (which led to his death shortly thereafter). William was Treasurer of England in 1403 &1404; made a Knight of the Garter in 1404; was one of the auditors of he war accounts in 1406; and in 1413-14 was the King's chief commissioner for the shires of Middlesex, Nottingham, and Derby in the matter of determining the facts relating to rebellions and treasons commited by the Lollards.

Family Note

dont 8 enfants


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 Family Tree Preview

sosa William de ROS, 3° lord Ros of Hamlake 1285-1343 sosa Margery de Badlesmere 1306-1363 a picture
sosa Ralph1st Earl Of STAFFORD 1301-1372
 a picture
sosa Margaret de Audley /1312-1347

sosa Thomas de ROS, 5° Lord Ros of Hamlake 1337-1384 a picture
sosa Beatrix STAFFORD ca 1341-1415

sosa William de ROS, 7° Lord of Hamlake ca 1369-1414