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  • Born before 1022 - Norfolk, England
  • Deceased in 1089 - Norfolk, England

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Individual Note

Name Source: Our Folk, Albert D HartHoel Le Strange - was born before 1022, Hoel married Hawsie. Hawsie was born about 1026, Son Guy Le Strange was born in 1048, lived in Norfolk, England and died in 1105 in Probably London, England -- Le Strange Family, Albert Hart,
Name Source: Le Strange GeneaNetHoel Le Strange, Born in 1022 - Norfolk, England, Deceased in 1089 - Norfolk, England , age at death: 67 years old; Married to Hawsie ?, Son Guy Le Strange 1048-1105 -- Mitchell BERGER ,;p=hoel;n=le+strange
Most sources report no place of birth for Hoel. I have followed the Astill Family Tree to report Norfolk as the place of birth, since all we know about his descendants is related to Norfolk. There is much legend associated with this character, and many popular genealogies have tried to associate him with Hoel V, Count of Cornouaille in Brittany.

This may be so, but the reported dates do not match, since Hoel LeStrange is repooted to have lived until 1089, while the undocumented date of the supposed marriage of Hawsie to Hoel V County of Cornouaille is said to have occurred in 1066, the same year that William the Conqueror landed in Britain and claimed the crown of England.

Some also identify Hoel LeStrange withy Hoel V County of Cornouaille in Brittany. But this appears to be an attempt to prise this historical figure Hoel LeStrange into the mold of the medieval romance tale that associates Guy Le Strange with the Count of Brittany. Such tales were normally fictional stories woven around the name or legend of a historical personage.

Remember also that the troubadourian (trouverian) musical romance story of Guy LeStrange was written several centuries later. Most sources I have seen seem to force this connection to make Hoel Le Strange the same person as Hoel V of Brittany, as the father of the historical Guy LeStrange. No evidence has been found to support such an identification.

For similar reasons, we have been able to find no valid older connection for Hoel Le Strange. His parentage and direct ancestry are unknown, despite some fanciful fictions circulating in romantic popular genealogies.

Hoel Le Strange
Born in 1022 - Norfolk, England
Deceased in 1089 - Norfolk, England , age at death: 67 years old
Married to Hawsie ?
Son Guy Le Strange 1048-1105
-- Mitchell BERGER ,;p=hoel;n=le+strange

Family Note

Marriage with Hawsie Nolastname

date of marriage estimated on the basis of commonly reported birth date of son Guy of Metz in 1048; no details are known of other children's birth dates


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