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 Jewish Genealogy Database of the Sittard area (Limburg, Netherlands)

 Wil Brassé - Archief De Domijnen Sittard-Geleen

Auteur de cet arbre : Wil BRASSE (brasselimburg2)
Jewish Genealogy Database of Sittard and Limburg (the Netherlands)
This database is a project by Wil Brassé in cooperation with Archief De Domijnen Sittard-Geleen.
At this time (August 2016) it contains over 11,000 persons, many from the area around Sittard and the south of the Dutch province of Limburg, but also related people from a wider area. Not everyone listed here is Jewish by descendance or religion. Some are non-Jewish spouses, parents-in-law, converted Jews or descendants thereof. Also, the family name is not necessarily a clue: many last names occur in Jewish as well as non-Jewish families.
If someone encounters his or her own data here and has objections to that, please contact me by email and they will be removed. Corrections and additions to this database are also welcome. Comments and questions are welcome in Dutch, German or English.
All comments in the database itself are in Dutch. For further info in Dutch (background information, references to books and websites and some photo's) see also this webpage. For a short introduction in English and German see this webpage.
Wil Brassé, Sittard 2005-2016.


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