• Akesdotter 1784-1858, married to Eric Mansson in 1817.
  • Andersdotter 1803-1871, daughter of Anders Andersen and Sissa Tufvesdotter, married to Ola Nilsson Hjelte Or Hammar in 1831.
  • Gulbrandsdr 1822-1862, daughter of Gudbrand Olsen and Kari Christensdatter, married to Niels Ingebrethsen in 1844.
  • Nilsdatter 1869-, daughter of Niels Ingebrethsen and Mari Gundersdatter.
  • Nilsdotter 1829-1914, daughter of Nils Pehrsson and Elsa Esbjörnsdotter, married to Peter Trulson Swenson in 1852.