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  • AJACQUES 1718-1719, son of Pierre and Catherine MEUNIER.
  • ALEXANDRE 1822-, daughter of Jean Joseph and Marie-Joseph ISAAC.
  • sosa DACQUIN, married to Robert LEMOR.
  • DESAINTJEAN 1765-, daughter of Guillaume and Claudine THEVEL.
  • HUGAIN, daughter of Jacques and Marie PICHARD, married to joseph CHEVALLIER in 1764.
  • ISAAC 1846-, daughter of Jean Baptiste Le Jeune and Anne VINCENT, married to Jean Baptiste ANSELME in 1865.
  • ISAAC 1756-, daughter of Claude and Elizabeth LAMINETTE, married to Jean François JACQUES in 1785.
  • sosa LESPINASSE, married to André BOACHON.
  • LEVEQUE, daughter of René and Jeanne PREE.
  • MANGIN 1865-, daughter of Guillaume and Marie ISAAC.
  • MARION 1740-1740, daughter of Clément and Antoinette AJACQUES.
  • PASSEROT, married to Jean AJACQUES.
  • PHILIPPON, married to Léonard AJACQUES in 1752.
  • ROULLIN, daughter of Ambroise and Jeanne MESLE, married to Charles LEVEQUE in 1698.
  • ZACHARIE 1775-, daughter of Jean and Antoinette MERLIN.