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Martine FERRERE (castelobrancofaial)

Genealogia de Castelo Branco, Ilha do Faial , Açores



My genealogical database for the parish of Castelo Branco (Faial, Açores) is the result of :

- My indexing work that started with church records for baptisms and obits from 1624 to March 1911and all marriages from 1711 till 1911... the main source for all this online info is the CCA or Centro do Conhecimento dos Açores, Registos Paroquiais, Castelo Branco.

- My study of all the family connections from the info collected on « padrinhos » or godparents in baptism and obit records , from which we can learn more about who was who ( son of ..., sister of ... , wife of ... , married to ... etc.) when we can't search in no longer existing marriage records that have been lost or damaged (especially before 1711).

- All the relevant hints and matches coming from other databases on Geneanet and the GENI website and at times , and the Azorean genealogical dictionaries  Genealogias das Quatros Ilhas (by Forjaz) especially for nobility ancestry in some lines that can be traced several centuries back in time.


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