M Paulin Niboyet Niboyet

(Jean Alexandre PaulinNiboyet)
Chevalier de Bellegarde

  • Born 22 June 1825 - Macon, France
  • Deceased 11 June 1906 - Meudon, France,aged 80 years old
  • Buried
  • Writer, diplomat, journalist, historian


 Spouses and children


Individual Note

Paulin Niboyet studied in the city of Privas in the French region of Vivarais (current day Ardeche department) where his paternal ancestors where from.

In 1948 (he's 23) he starts his diplomatic career. Thanks to his mother's friend's, the famous poet Lamartine, and his government connections, he gets his first position as a Chancellor in Honolulu (Sandwich island). He also starts writing. He will climb the ranks from Chancellor, Vice Consul, Consul, and then General Consul (highest rank) until his early retirement in 1879 (54 years old).

His assignments have included: Leipzig Germany, Sevilla Spain, Stockholm Sweden, Algésiras Spain, Sunderland England, Santiago Cuba, Chicago (he's there during the great fire of 1871, Newcastle England, Manheim Germany,Lisboa Portugal.

Paulin was named Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur, one of the highest French honors.

Paulin was a musicien (beautiful voice) with a deep appreciation for the music of Meyerbeer, Gounod, and Franz Lizst who he was friend with. He knew the young Wagner and saw the first public of his Tannhauser opera.

He was mostly known as a writer. He wrote over 20 novels, 2 history books, 2 theater plays. He also wrote articles for several papers and spoke. His speeches have been reproduced in The Times.

He was a member of the Société des Gens de Lettres (a Writers' Society) that still exists today http://www.sgdl.org/

He's been described as:- old fashioned French gentlemen, chivalrous, affable- « Gaulois » spirit- « BON BOURGEOIS »- A son of the French revolution- A man of his time, loving his country, sometimes too proud of his country- Suffering from his career exile and tortured by homesickness

-- GEDCOM (INDI) --1 ALIA /Fortunio/

Did he have a girl from another previous wedding or out of wedlock while he was posted in Leipzig in 1850? He would have been 25.There's a Pauline Marie Margarete Ottilie Niboyet who married a Johann Friedrich August Florstedt 16 april 1878 in Lindenau. She died 8 décember 1884 in Leipzig. Source is Jenny Florstedt, descendant, on geneanet and Marriage: Traubuch Nathanael-Kirche Jahrgang 1874 (?) Nr. 41.

Family Note

Marriage with Stephanie Leser:

marr_contract: 26 january 1881 Paris


  • Spouse 1: The Law Journal Reports, Volume 47, Part 2 - Niboyet vs Niboyet - pages 49 to 53

 Family Tree Preview

Jean-Francois Niboyet 1725-1802 Marianne Audibert  Joseph Vigne Francoise Simon †1839 Pierre Mouchon 1733-1797 Jeanne-Louise Richard †1789 Antoine Gal-Ladeveze 1730-1796 Marguerite Finiels 1735-1771




| | | |
jean Colonel Niboyet, Chevalier de Bellegarde 1765-1849 Marie Vigne 1765-1839 Georges Louis Mouchon ca 1764-1842 Marguerite Sophie Gal-Ladeveze 1762-


| |
Paul Niboyet, Chevalier de Bellegarde 1792-1855 Eugenie Mouchon 1795-1883

Paulin Niboyet Niboyet, Chevalier de Bellegarde 1825-1906