• Born (about 1300) - Helmsley Castle, Helmsley, North Yorkshire, England
  • Deceased 17 October 1357


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[Holly Tamer.FTW]

There was a second manor in South Holme. In 1284-5 Nicholas de Bartonheld 1 carucate of land here, (fn. 156) but by 1316 William de Roos ofYoulton was lord of this part (fn. 157); he died seised of the manorconjointly with his wife Elizabeth in 1345, leaving heirs his daughterJoan and great-grandson Thomas de Musgrave, son of Thomas son ofMargaret sister of Joan.
'Parishes: Hovingham', A History of the County of York North Riding:Volume 1 (1914), pp. 505-511


A branch of the Roos family was enfeoffed in the manor of Youltonperhaps as early as the beginning of the 13th century, for a Williamde Roos disputed the right of Stephen de Meynell to land in Aldwarkbefore 1245-6. (fn. 104) In 1301 William de Roos paid subsidy there,(fn. 105) and in 1312 he was at the head of a riotous party offorty-seven people (partly women) who raided the property of Joanwidow of Walter de Stokesby of Tholthorpe, 'mowed her grass, burnedpart of her turves in her moor there, and carried away another part ofher turves together with her grass.' (fn. 106) In 1315 William de Roosheld 1 carucate in Youlton, (fn. 107) and the manor was settled on himand his wife Elizabeth with remainder to Joan their daughter in 1321and 1322. (fn. 108) William died in 1345; he had two daughters, Joanthe wife of John de Ellerker, and Margaret, who married Thomas deMusgrave and died during her father's lifetime, leaving a son Thomas,co-heir with his aunt Joan. (fn. 109) In accordance with thesettlement, however, Elizabeth entered into possession (fn. 110) andwas the tenant in 1352-3. (fn. 111) On her death the manor passed tothe heirs of Joan wife of John de Ellerker, and in 1369 it was in thehands of Nicholas de Ellerker and Nicholaa his wife. (fn. 112) In 1415Joan widow of Nicholas de Ellerker held the manor. (fn. 113)
'Parishes: Alne', A History of the County of York North Riding: Volume2 (1923), pp. 85-91.


[Jim Weber.FTW]

He [Henry le Scrope] married Margaret (d). He died 7 September 1336,and was buried 8 September in Easby Abbey.
[Complete Peerage XI:535-8, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]

(d) There seems to be no evidence of her parentage, except that on ashield of his arms in Wensley Church, executed about 1510, the arms ofFitzWalter are impaled (VCH, North Riding Yorks, where Margaret isdescribed as his 2nd wife); but a pedigree of Scrope from Brooke'scollections gives as Henry's wife a daughter of William, Lord Ros (ofHamlake); and in another collection circa Hen VIII, she is called adaughter of Lord de Ros. This MS says that Henry's son William m. adaughter of Lord FitzWalter. There is no record of any assignement ofdower, but Margaret appears to have survived him and to have m. 2ndly,Hugh de Mortimer (see note "g" under son William).




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