Joana Mendes de /Vasconcelos/ , Joana Mendes de /Vasconcellos/ , Joanna de /Vasconcellos/
Dona , , ,

  • Born about 1500 - Terceira
  • Deceased


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Individual Note


Family Note

the ancestors of the Bettencourt de Vasconcellos (I) of the Açores (Graçiosa and Terceira), the Bettencourt de Vasconcellos e Lemos (when one of Francisco's descendants married one of his brother Pedro's descendants), and the Bettencourt de Vasconcellos Corrêa e Ávila families
were the first of the Bettencourts to establish themselves on the island

Marriage with Francisco de Bettencourt

second marriage (the Nobiliário de Terceira lists this as the first marriage)

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 Family Tree Preview

Rui Mendes de Vasconcelos ca 1470- Isabel Corrêa, Dona ca 1470-

Joanna Mendes de Vasconcellos, Dona ca 1500-