• sosa Adolphe Basile 1847-1917, son of jean-jacques leSellier, married to adéle marie Bobot in 1873.
  • sosa Emile Joseph 1874-1948, son of Adolphe Basile and adéle marie Bobot, married to augustine jeanne robert in 1901, Amélie Maximilienne Rivoire in 1917.
  • adlphe basile 1847-1917, son of jean-jacques Le Seillier and Marie Françoise Brout, married to adéle marie bobot in 1873.
  • sosa michelle marthe emilienne 1937, daughter of robert jean charles and louise augustine marie ramond, married to jean-claude gendrot.
  • sosa robert jean charles 1903-1960, son of Emile Joseph and augustine jeanne robert, married to louise augustine marie ramond.