(**Federico I da Montefeltro)(**Federico I Conde de Montefeltro)(**Federico I Condottiero)(**Federico I Podesta di Arezzo e di Pisa)(**Federico I Captain general of the imperial army of Emperor Henry VII)

  • Born in 1278 - Pesaro e Urbino, Marche, Italia
  • Deceased in 1322 - Pesaro e Urbino, Marche, Italia,aged 44 years old
  • Buried - Pesaro e Urbino, Marche, Italia


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Phy_description: He was part of the faction of the Ghibellines that fought against Perugia in 1300, the battle took place in Gubbio, and was also attended by Federico's cousin Galasso da Montefeltro, Uberto Malatesta and the condottiero Uguccione della Faggiola. In 1302, he became the Podestà of Arezzo. In 1303 he fought the Guelphs of Florence and Siena, defeated at Cennina in Bucine. Subsequently, he fought against the Guelphs of Perugia, led by Cante Gabrielli. In 1305 Federico fought in support of Cardinal Napoleone Orsini Frangipani against Pandolfo I Malatesta, and in the same year, with his cousin Speranza da Montefeltro they formed a military alliance called the Lega degli amici della Marca (League of the friends of Marca), in which several Marquesan communes were part of it. In 1307 he defeated the Malatesta at Marches and Romagna. In 1309 he was named Podestà of Pisa, and assumed command of the League of Friends of the Marches, leading those who fought and conquered Ancona. Thanks to this military success, in 1310 he was appointed captain-general of the Italian military contingent of the imperial army of Emperor Henry VII. At the head of imperial forces waged a war against the Florentines in Tuscany, devastating many areas and then in Umbria against Città di Castello. He became involved in war with the pope and members of the Malatesta family in 1317, from which he took several communes such as Urbino, Recanati and Fano. Also in subsequent years he chased the Guelphs from different Umbrian cities, such as Spoleto, Nocera Umbra, where he rescued the local Ghibellines. In 1320 he was at the service of the bishop of Arezzo, Guido Tarlati, to fight against Ancona. He returned to Urbino in 1322. There, a popular revolt broke out against the Montefeltro, attacked in their fortress by locals and enemy forces. Federico surrendered along with his son, Guido, both presented themselves to the people, who asked for mercy, with the rope around their necks. The inhabitants, on April 26 of that year, killed the two.


Cause: executed by hanging

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***Guido da Montefeltro, Conde de Ghiaggiolo, leader, Franciscan, Captain of the People married Manantessa Ghiaggiolo, quoted by Dante Alighieri, in the Divine Comedy, places him in Hell, in the eighth grave, 1252-1298 ? ?

**Federico I da Montefeltro, Conde de Montefeltro, Condottiero, Podesta di Arezzo e di Pisa, Captain general of the imperial army of Emperor Henry VII, 1278-1322