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  • Born 9 August 1951 - Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
  • Age: 69 years old
  • Baptized 19 August 1951 - St. Mary's Catholic Church, Dubuque, Dubuque, IA


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Individual Note

In 1974/75, I was having a lot of trouble during my pregnancy. Wondering if it was possibly hereditary, I started asking questions. My maternal family members all seemed to have several children and there did not seem to be problems in that direction, so I started talking to my paternal family members.
After finally discovering my reproductive problems were my own and not hereditary, I still had the bug to find out more about my ancestr
What started as "I wonder what and who" has turned into a file of American Chatfield descendants, all that I can find.
To date (2010) my file is approaching 200,000 individuals who somehow connect to the Chatfield family. I feel that I am the collector, not the owner of the information I have found and I freely share what I have gathered.
I have been researching descendants in the Chatfield Family (from daughters and sons) for over 30 years. I willingly share any and all information in my file and am thrilled when I receive contacts from anyone who can share further information, or anyone who is thrilled to find their branch in my file.
Contact: CharlieChatfield* Cheryl Eileen (Chatfield) Thompson

I can claim to fame that I have a direct ancestors who was in every major war which involved America.
Vietnam (my father)
Korea (my father)
US WW II (my father)
US WW I (my paternal grandfather)
Civil War (my paternal great-grandfather)
Revolutionary War (my paternal 5th great-grandfather)

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