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  • Born 24 October 1888 - Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway
  • Deceased 27 August 1970 - Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway,aged 81 years old
  • Merchant


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

Both Dagny and Niels lived their whole lives in Mandal. After leaving school, Dagny worked in the manufacturing business (Christensen og Syrdahl), while Niels at a young age began working in his father’s business at Store Elvegate 57. By his wedding, he is recorded in the church records as �ehandelsfulmægtig”, and when his father died in 1919 – maybe sooner – he took on the responsibility for the business. When a trading license became required, he traveled to Oslo and went to Treiders trading school to obtain the necessary competence. Niels was among the first active gymnasts in Mandal, and he also participated in mannskor. Dagny was, in addition to her other duties, in a local women’s association which worked earning income for the sailor’s mission and she was otherwise unusually friendly to adults and loved by children. In her house, all were welcome – and they came, and she was a fairytale grandmother for those grandchildren who were lucky enough to experience her.

As newlyweds, Dagny and Niels lived in the first floor with Dagny’s parents. Later, they rented a house from the Riise sisters in Store Elvegate 66, and then moved to the residence above Theodor Gabrielsen’s store. This occurred after Helge was born and most of Niels’ siblings had moved away from home. The unmarried sister, Agnes (Agga), remained in the meantime living in the house and worked in the store until her mother died in 1951. At one time, his brother Sigurd lived there also.

Residence: 1900 Mandal, Norway

Death: in the hospital after a lengthy illness

Change: 11 September 2008

  Photos and archival records

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 Family Tree Preview

Gabriel Johannesen 1821-1869 Sille Thomine Reirsdatter 1819-1884 Niels Christensen 1823-1909 Amalia Aanensdatter Gjertsen 1825-1866

Theodor Gabrielsen 1855-1919 Anna Marie Christensen 1859-1951

Niels Arnt Gabrielsen 1888-1970

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