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 William de Beauvoir /Albini/, de Beauvoir //

  • Born about 1192 - Leicestershire, England
  • Deceased about 4 September 1242 - (bur.) Beauvoir Priory, Leicestershire, England,aged about 50 years old


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was the son of Magna Carta surety baron

{British Isles 742-1499}

== Biography ==


Known variously as
William D'Aubeney:William de Beauvoir Richardson, Royal Ancestry, 2012, II:396
William of Belvoir

===Donation to Belvoir Monastery===
Per the [ Medieval Lands] project:
WILLIAM [IV] de Albini Brito (-before 14 Sep 1242). "Willielmus de Albiniaco tertius" donated "ecclesiam de Redmelina" to Belvoir monastery, Lincolnshire, for the souls of "Agayjæ uxoris meæ et…Margeriæ quondam uxoris meæ", by undated charter witnessed by "Willielmo de Albineio quarto, Odinello, Roberto et Nicholao filiis meis". “Williamof Belvoir” made a fine for relief of lands formerly of “William d'Aubigny his father”, saving to “Agatha, who was the wife of the same William, her rightful dower”, dated 15 May 1236. A charter of€oeThomas dominus de Ros, de Hamelake, de Trussebout et de Beavoir” dated 23 Apr [1430] confirmed the possessions of Belvoir priory, Lincolnshire made by "antecessores nostros…Robertum de Toteneio, Willielmum de Toteneyo filium suum, Agnetem de Toteneio filiam dicti Roberti de Toteneyo, Henricum de Rya filium Huberto de Rya, Agnetem de Toteneyo, Willielmum de Albeneio primum, Willielmum de Albeneio secundum, Willielmum de Albeneio tertium, Willielmum de Albeneio quartum, Ywynum de Albeneyo, Heliam de Albeneyo et uxores eorundem, Isabellam filiam domini Willielmi de Albeneio quæ fuit uxor domini de Ros, domini de Beauvoire et de Hamelake". The lands of “William d´Aubigny” in Lincolnshire were ordered to be taken into the king´s hands following his death, dated 14 Sep 1242.

===Second Marriage to Isabel===
William married ISABEL, daughter of ---. “Isabella d´Aubigny” made a fine for “marrying herself to whomever she will wish”, dated13 Jan 1243.

William & his wife had one child:
a) ISABEL de Albini (-15 Jun 1301, bur Newstead, near Stamford). A manuscript narrating the foundation of Rievall Abbey records that "Robertum de Roos" married “Isabellam hæredem D´Albany”. "Robert de Ros and Isabel his wife" were granted rights "in the manor of Belver by all bounds by which William de Albiniaco, father of the said Isabel who is his heiress, held…" dated 3 Jul 1252. m ([5 Jun 1243/17 May 1244]) ROBERT de Ros, son of WILLIAM de Ros & his wife Lucy --- (-17 May 1285, bur Kirkham).

=== Family ===
Sir William was the son and heir of of Belvoir, the Magna Carta Surety, by his wife Maud de Umfraville.Marlyn Lewis, citing Richardson, calls her Maud. But in the grant quoted by MedLands, Sir William III calls his former wife Margery.(Maud, Mahaut, and Margery were interchangeable forms of the same name.)

=== Marriage and children ===Before 1212, he married (1st) Aubrey Bisset, daughter of Henry Bissetand Aubrey de Lisours. She was living 28 Sep 1226. She died withoutissue.Marlyn Lewis, citing Richardson. Other sources including MedLands know nothing of this marriage.
On some date between 1226 and 1239, he married Isabel ____. They hadone daughter, Isabel, wife of Sir Robert de Ros.

=== Death ===He died 4 Sept 1242 and his body was buried before the high altar at Beauvoir Priory, Leicestershire, his heart was buried at Croxton Abbey, Leicestershire.

== Sources ==
  • Royal Ancestry 2013 D. Richardson Vol. II p. 396-397
  • Magna Carta Ancestry 2011 2nd ed. Vol. I p. 72-73

  • Douglas Richardson, [ Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families], Royal Ancestry series, 2nd edition, 4 vols., ed. Kimball G. Everingham, (Salt Lake City, Utah: the author, 2011)* [ Sir William d' Aubeney], "Our Royal, Titled, Noble, and Commoner Ancestors and Cousins" (website, compiled by Mr. Marlyn Lewis, Portland, OR; accessed June 5, 2015)
    NAME: _MARN d'Aubigny

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 Family Tree Preview

William Albini ca 1120-/1169 Maud Fitzrobert Senlis ca 1134-ca 1170 Odinel Umfraville ca 1130-1182 Alice Lucy ca 1129-ca 1173

William Albini ca 1160-1236 Margaret Umfraville ca 1165-/1198

William Albini ca 1192-ca 1242