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 1st Lord Roos of Helmsley /Ros/

  • Born about 27 June 1255 - Helmsley, Yorkshire, England
  • Deceased about August 1316 - (bur.) Kirkham Priory, Yorkshire, England,aged about 61 years old


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Name Prefix: Sir
{Magna Carta}

{#profile:Prefix} {#profile:RealName} de{#profile:LastNameAtBirth} was a descendant of Magna Carta suretybarons ' and '

{British Isles 742-1499}
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| title = 1st Baron de Ros of Helmsley
| years = 1299-1317
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| before = Title created by writ 6 Feb 1299
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== Biography ==

Titles of Sir William de Roos (Royal Ancestry):
Governor of Wark Castle
Warden of the Marches
William de Roos (or Ros) of Helmsley was born about 1255 (age 30 in 1285) in Yorkshire, England. He was son and heir of by his wife . William's wife , born about 1261 (age 26 in 1287), was the daughter of by his wife Joan. William and Maud married before 1287 and had four sons (, , Thomas, and George) and three daughters (, , and "possibly ").Magna Carta Ancestry ()


William de RosWilliam de Roos, Knt Douglas Richardson, Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families, Kimball G. Everingham, Editor. (Salt Lake City, Utah: the author, 2013). Volume IV, pages 491-492

===Birth and Parentage===
was born in 1255 (age 30 in 1285) citation needed for "June 27"; just c1255 in Wikipedia eldest son of of Helmsley, Yorkshire,and , daughter and heiress of William d'Aubigny of Belvoir, Leicestershire.Wikipedia: [ William de Ros, 1st Baron de Ros]

===Lands and Titles===

Helmsley and Hunsingore, Yorkshire
Beauvoir, Leicestershire
Governor of Wark Castle
Warden of the Marches

=== Second Cousins ===
Note: Two Williams de Ros—both descended from their great-grandfather, Magna Carta surety baron —are often confused:*, born at Helmsley in 1255, was the son of *, born at Kendal in 1250, was the son of .

William's wife was Maud (Matilda in Latin) de Vaux, born in 1261 (age26 in 1287Magna Carta Ancestry ()). She was younger daughter and coheir, in 1287, of John deVaux, son of Sir Oliver de Vaux.from
William and Maud married before 1287. Through this marriage the patronage of Penteney and Blakeney Priories in Norfolk and of Frestun in Lincolnshire came into the de Ros family. The de Vaux family was descended from Robert de Vaux, who came over from Normandy with William I of England.{Citation needed}

"He served in Wales 1277, 1282, and 1283, in Gascony in 1294, and in Scotland in 1300.
He joined in the Barons' Letter to the Pope in February 1301, as Dominus de Hamelake, and the same year (16th July) had livery of Belvoir Castle, and the other lands of Isabel his mother.
He was continually employed in the Scotch Wars, till his death.
In 1291 he was, for a short time, among the candidates for the throneof Scotland, by virtue of his descent from William the Lion, King of Scotland.
He was summoned to Parliament from 6 Feb. 1298/9 to 16 Oct. 1315, by writs directed Willelmo de Ros de Hamelak, whereby he is held to have become Lord Roos of Helmsley.
After the rebellion of Robert de Roos of Wark (who held Wark of him),that castle was granted to him in December 1301.
He was a benefactor of the religious houses of Belvoir, Pentney, Warter, the Friars Minors of Beverley, and Thornton in Craven.
In 1304 he and his wife granted an acre of land in Shotesham, Norfolkto Pentney Priory, together with the advowson of the church there.
In 1311/2 he and his wife settled the manor of Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire on themselves and his heirs. He was among those ordered to remain in the North against the Scots in Feb. 1312/3."

William de Ros died August 6 (or 8), 1316 and was buried at Kirkham Priory, Yorkshire, England. His wife had died in 1301 and was buried at Pentney Priory in Norfolk.

=== Children ===
Sir William and Maud had four sons, William, Knt, John, Knt (Lord Roos of Watton), Thomas, and George, and three daughters (Agnes, Alice, and possibly Margaret).
  1. ( -Feb. 16, 13421343 could be correct in "modern" calendar, but source had just 1342, not 1342/3), m. Margery Badlesmere (children: William, Thomas, Margaret, & Maud)John Burke, A general and heraldic dictionary of the peerages of England, Ireland, and Scotland, extinct, dormant, and in abeyance ([ p 453]) b. 1288, Helmsley{citation needed}# (d 1338 without issue) [LordRoos of Watton], b. Watton, Norfolk, m. Margaret Groushill
  2. Thomas
  3. George# [Agnes], "m. to Paine, son of Robert de Tibetot" and to Sir Thomas de Vere# (b. before 1301date given for 's death, but lacks source.), m Nicholas MeinillMagna Carta Ancestry, [,+2nd+Edition+...&hl=en&sa=X&ei=OtM8U6S0IOfr2QWhq4DwAw&ved=0CDgQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=meinill&f=false p 530] ()
  4. Margaret

== Sources ==
=== Disputed Children ===:Additional children had been attached to this profile, but were detached due to insufficient evidence. Tudor Place listed two of these daughters, but did not include sources. Please let me know if you have evidence that William and Maud had daughters named Joan, Matilda, and Mary. 17:14, 13 August 2015 (EDT)

  • Joan **no dates, no information in text, and no profiles for spouse or children attached in WikiTree**[ Tudor Place] lists a daughter Joan, but no apparent sources**profile detached and a merge proposed with the profile of his sister Joan ()
  • Matilda - b. 1285 in Helmsley Castle, Yorkshire, England; d. England**no information in text and no profiles for spouse or children attached in WikiTree**profile detached and a merge proposed with the profile for his wifeMatilda, b. 1261 ()
  • Mary - b. 1300 in Helmsley, Yorkshire, England; d. June 9, 1362, England (no profiles for spouse or children attached in WikiTree)**no information in text and no profiles for spouse or children attached in WikiTree**[ Tudor Place] lists a daughter Mary, but no apparent sources**profile moved to be the daughter of cousin (however, possibly not his daughter either)::*unmerged match set with , a profile for "Marie Mary de Roos" m to "Ralph of Cobham" ().::*Tudor Place has a Mary m Ralph de Cobham & WikiTree has a Ralph deCobham m to Marie Mary de Roos & Mary Breuse, with that later d June 15, 1362 (Mary has d June 9, 1362).

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William Ros /1200-/1264 Lucy FitzPiers 1204-1266/ William Albini ca 1192-ca 1242 Isabel Unknown ca 1215-1285/

Robert Ros ca 1237-1285 Isabel Albini ca 1233-1301

William Ros ca 1255-ca 1316