Sosa :93,142,320
  • Born before 1200 - Helmsley, Yorkshire, England
  • Deceased before 1264 - (bur.) Kirkham Abbey, Yorkshire, England


 Spouses and children

  • Married 24 January 1234, Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, to Lucy FitzPiers 1204-1266/ with


Individual Note

Name Prefix: Sir
{Magna Carta}

==Lineage to Magna Carta Surety==: MCSWeis, Frederick Lewis, Th.D., [ The Magna Carta Sureties, 1215] (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 5th Edition - 1999) (Available at Line 116-1, p. 52 is the father of
Sir William de Ros Is the father of

== Biography ==Father Robert de Roos, Magna Carta Surety, 4th Baron Hamlake, Sheriff of CumberlandDouglas Richardson, Magna Carta Ancestry, 2ndEdition, Vol. III, p. 444-5. b. bt 1170 - 1172, d. 1227
Mother Isabel of Scotland, illegitimate daughter of William theLionDouglas Richardson, Royal Ancestry, Vol. IV, p. 484-6.b. c 1165
Sir William de RoosDouglas Richardson, Royal Ancestry, Vol. IV, p. 486-7. of Helmsley and Hunsingore, Yorkshire, England marriedLucia FitzPiers, daughter of Piers FitzHerbert, Sheriff of Yorkshire,Keeper of Pickering Castle and Alice FitzRoger, before 24 January 1234.
They had 6 sons (Sir Robert; Sir Peter; Sir William; Sir Alexander; Sir Herbert; and John) and 2 daughters (Lucy, wife of Sir William de Kyme; and Alice, wife of Sir John Comyn, and of Sir James de Byron). Douglas Richardson, Royal Ancestry, Vol. II, p. 622.
Sir William de Roos died in 1258 or 1264 and was buried at Kirkham Abbey, Yorkshire.Douglas Richardson, Magna Carta Ancestry, 2nd Edition, Vol. III, p. 445-6.


  • Lucia FitzPiers d. a 29 Sep 1266


  • Alicia de Roos+8,9,2,10 d. c 29 Apr 1286
  • Lucy de Roos+11,2,4,5 d. a 1281
  • Sir Alexander de Roos
  • Sir Herbert de Ros
  • Sir John de Ros
  • Sir Robert de Roos+2,5 b. c 1223, d. 17 Jun 1285
  • Sir William de Roos+2,12,13,5 b. c 1244, d. c 28 May 1310

  • Magna Carta Ancestry 2011 2nd ed. Vol. III p. 445-446
  • Royal Ancestry D. Richardson 2013 Vol. IV p. 489-490


Magna Carta Ancestry reports:
He was born before 1200, and was old enough to be in arms with his father against the King. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Lincolnon 20 May 1217, but released on finding sureties on 26 Oct. 1217. Hefought in Brittany 1230, Gascony 1242, and Wales 1258. He seems to have taken no part in the Barons' War, and was reputed to be loyal. He went on pilgrimage to Santiago in Spain in 1252. He was a benefactor of the monasteries of Kirkham, Rievaulx and Meaux, and of the Templars.

Burke's Peerage reports:
William de Ros, of Hamlake, upon giving security for the payment of £100 for his relief, had livery of his lands. This feudal lord, in thelifetime of his father, was an active supporter of the baronial causeand was made prisoner at the battle of Lincoln (1st Henry III) [1216]by the royalists but soon after released and delivered up to his father upon bail. He was subsequently engaged in the wars of Gascony and he had two military summonses in the 42nd Henry III [1258] to march against the Scots and Welsh. By the deaths of his two great aunts, the sisters of his grandmother, Rose Trusbut, s. p., he became sole heir of the baronial estate of Trusbut and Wartre.

The Complete Peerage reports:
Sir William De Ros, 1192 - 1264
SIR WILLIAM DE ROS, son and heir, did homage for his inheritance; he was included with his father inthe special Bull of excommunication, January 1215/6, and remained an active partisan of Prince Louis till the final battle of Lincoln, 19 May 1217, in which he was captured; he paid 20 marks to be delivered from prison, and was handed over to his father in October 1217. In May 1224 he was sent to Poitou in the King's service, and in August took part in the siege of Bedford Castle. He witnessed the promulgation of the Forest charter, February 1224/5, and accompanied Henry in his expedition to France, 1230. In January 1235/6 he attested the confirmation of Magna Carta at Westminster, and in 1237 was of the escort of the King of Scots, to his meeting with Henry at York, attesting the agreementbetween the two Kings. In 1242-43 his lands were seized for his failure to attend, with his peers, the muster at Rhuddlan, August 1241, andthe King's expedition to France, May 1242. In 1244 he witnessed King Alexander's letter to the Pope. He went on pilgrimage to Santiago in 1252; was summoned, with his son Robert, for service in Scotland, 1257/8; for service against the Welsh, 1258 and later; to London, with all his service due, 1260 and 1261; in March 1263/4, for service in Wales,with attendance first at a Council at Oxford. He seems to have taken no part in the Barons' War, and was reputed to be loyal. He married Lucy. He died, probably in 1264, and was bur. at Kirkham. His widow was living in Michaelmas term, 1266.

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{British Isles 742-1499}
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Everard Ros 1145/-1191 Roysia Trussebut 1146-1196 William Dunkeld ca 1143-ca 1214 Isabel Avenal 1143/-

Robert Ros ca 1172-ca 1227 Isabella Dunkeld ca 1170-ca 1240

William Ros /1200-/1264