• Born December 31, 1862 - Calle 25 de Mayo 150, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Deceased June 8, 1955,aged 92 years old


 Spouses and children


Individual Note

NOTE:After Louis death, Lizzie went to England with her two children, Eteliaand Cissie in 1888. Cissie had trouble with her spine, owing it toa fall she had from her nurse's arms. They consulted several specialistsin England but unfortunatelly she died there.

Then Lizzie went to Trieste, Austria, where her sister Mrs. Camuslived. After spending several years there she returned to BuenosAires, Argentina. In 1908 she went to Hamburg, Germany, where theylived some years, they then moved to Ostende, Belgium; then to Nice,France, where they were when the Great War broke out.

Etelia was in England with Mrs. Hodge, her maternal aunt and Lizziewent to Zurich, Switzwerland and then to Lugano, Switzerland and thenLaussanne. They came on a visit to us in Buenos Aires in 1925, returningthen to Lauassane, Switzerland.

Family Note

Marriage with Louis Kossuth (Koss) Newbery:
NOTE:They married on a Tuesday, February, 19, 1884 -
acontecimiento: Estranged 16 MAY 1886 Calle Rivadavia (now Echeverria), Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Henry Charles Nunez Ellen Galvin

Isabel Marta Nunez 1862-1955